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Ahadiway life Development Initiative (AHLIDEI) is a Non Profit Organization which was formed in 2013.The organization has been duly approved and registered by the director of Non Government  Organization  ACT  no.24/2002  with  registration  No.  ooNGO0006801.The  head office of organization is situated at Tabata ward, tabata bima area. Ahadiway intend to reach communities and institutions in different parts of Tanzania Mainland.


The Founder have come up with the professional idea of establishing AHADIWAY LIFE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ( AHLIDEI) after noting the problems facing, women and disabled people and entire communities, noting that society in most AHLIDEIs are faced with a variety of problems that manifest themselves.


These  problems  lead  to  oppression  of  some  individuals  and  groups,  poverty  of  many individuals,  poor  health and death, prevalence of  orphans in society, street  children, drug addicts, individuals that are not responsible to their families and communities, some living with HIV AIDS, poor leadership and decision making in many public service institutions, poor management and utilization of resources.


In that respect Ahadiway is  Focusing on Poverty as a result of inadequate opportunities, lack of information, education and skills and marginalization from the decision making process.



Poor households and marginalized low income groups organize themselves in small communal groups for the purpose of raising amongst themselves some money into their savings to enjoy life at old ages.




Ahadiway has a mission of sensitizing both poor rural and urban communities on building the culture of thriftiness, micro-saving and investing in viable and sustainable economic and business activities.




3.1       PRIMARY AIM

Alliance for social elevation will seek to establish small groups of low income individuals in rural areas for the purpose of enabling them to save for their old age and attend their health needs




Above Primary Aim notwithstanding the Alliance shall have the following secondary objectives;


3.2.1    To encourage the thrift among one of the largest AHLIDEI of low income and poor individuals, most of who are located in rural areas with priority being extended to the women and the youth.

3.2.2    To create awareness and encourage small group [of low income informal

sector women youth in the rural areas to accumulate micro-saving for their old age and health care.

3.2.3    To motivate, thorough retirement literacy tools, appropriate micro-saving behavior among such groups.

3.2.4    To link up a wide range of strategies to business partners in designing and

turn-key implementation of contributory pension schemes and health insurance institutions targeting the poor and marginalized communities both in the rural and urban centers.

3.2.5    To build a social security market place to enable millions of low income women and youths with modest saving to access customized pensions, health and insurance products in secure and affordable environment.

3.2.6    To assist and facilitate credit flow to rural low income group i.e. the women and the youth for the promotion and development of agriculture, fishery, livestock keeping, small-scale village industries and other rural crafts so as to secure propensity for the targeted groups.

3.2.7    To link with other civil society organizations in the campaign against rural

and urban poverty.

3.2.8    To do any other thing racially conducive to the promotion of the aforementioned aims and objectives.