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African Heritage Foundation

African Heritage Foundation

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The origin of African Heritage Foundation can be traced back on the ninethday of 12nd November 2003 where it was started in united kingdom of Britain as charity organisation of by Africans decent Livng in UK. Its initial objectives were advancement of education in particular but not exclusively to those African/African decent and other ethinic minority living in UK and abroad

Medical/Health/Sickness ,to preserve health of the above mentioned inhabitants in UK and abroad culture and arts,to promote understanding of African Art,Language,Music,History and Culture.

Heritage and conservation, to preserve and protect historical sites ,buildings and monuments.After realizing that problems which face minority groups in UK in terms of social services are more if not the same facing underprevaledge groups in Tanzania, they decide to establish a sister organization in Tanzania on 11st July,2010.

The objectives of A.H.F in Tanzania are:

  1. Promoting cultural exchange.
  2. Provision of accessible health services to underprevalegde and vulnerable people.
  3. Provision of  economic support to the above mentioned groups.
  4. Provision ot accessible education to above mentioned groups.
  5. Provision of social support to the above mentioned groups.
  6. Advancemrt of Agriculture
  7. Primoting sports and games.