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One Light - Rwanda

One Light - Rwanda

Musanze, Rwanda

Light Rwanda was founded on 2012 in Musanze, Rwanda. We saw a problem, a big problem, some people in our Country had to fight for survival every single day, work everyday without rest just to feed their Children, kids have to drop school to help their parents to work and families of 10 people live in small small houses, sometimes even sharing the same room with their animals; cows, goats or chicken. Our organization is still small, but we believe that with your help we can grow every day bigger! We work with 30 families, 142 people, in a lot of different aspects, we provide health insurance, school materials for kids, vocational training for communities, micro credits so that families can start small business, we build or repair houses...We try to turn on a little light in their busy lives. And here is where you come in, and why our organisation is called "One Light", cause we are all citizen of one magnificent planet, and we believe that if we all keep together and take each other's hands, we are going to be able to turn on a beautiful Light that is going to chance the life of people! But we have to start step by step and the first step for us is changing the life condition of this 30 families, so they can live without fearing a tomorrow. With your donation you can make it possible for a kid to assist school, a family to start a business for a steady income, a family to have a roof to dream under... We also happily welcome any volunteer who is motivated and wants to meet the families, learn from our culture and share with us their own, who wants to put his/her feet on the ground and work hand by hand with our team. ~Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, its an act of justice.~ Nelson Mandela

Event in Chile on Behalf of Rwanda poor families on 25th July 2016. Thank you for your help. Rwanda families are thanful for what you do.

One Light is a local organization founded and registered in 2012 with Code 102614802 to improve the quality of life and opportunity for the most vulnerable members of our society.

The latest statistics from local Rwandan Government show there to be 10% / 4000 families living in extreme ignorance of some diseases.