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dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The TEDDIC Executive committee is working very hard to ensure the goals set are met, especially in empowering the disabled and taking them out of the city streets (begging). So far, we are proud to present the following acheivements we made in the past ten years, agaist all odd.

  1. We have sought for and acquired a 450 acre land at Mtamba village, Kisarawe district.
  2. We have sought for and acquired a 50 acre land at Pongwe village, Bagamoyo district.
  3. We have received a donation of 30 acres of land at Mwavi village, Bagamoyo district.

At Mtamba, we have a Church, Secondary School, and about 80 disabled families given a 5 acre farm each for farming and residential, of which about 20 families are already living there.

At Pongwe, we have farms for some of our members.

At Mwavi, we have;

    • A mango farm with 950 mango trees aged two years to six years. 
    • A ranch with 17 cows and 30 goats.
    • These projects were donated to us by a Korean Missionary organization known as Tanzania Disabled Mission.

The efforts of our projects coordinator, Mr. Issa Kanguni, who is volunteering for us is largely credited in these achievements. 

Also our organization is implementing various works/activities for its members and target groups;

  • To promote disabled rights 
  • To promote Human rights 
  • To sensitize community members on disabled policy.
  • To promote gender equality and empowerment of both genders but with emphasis on the disadvanteged women especially for disabled women 
  • To provide humanitarian assistance to disabled community 
  • To create simple employment for disabled 
  • To engage in mass mobilization on HIV/AIDS/STI'S/MALARIA and other diseases control issues and to act as forum for community development for different communities in Tanzania
  • To empower disabled community in entrepreneurship skills.