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Society Empowerment Agency

Society Empowerment Agency

Vikindu, Mkuranga, Tanzania

SEA`s mision is to help make Mkuranga District a safer and more developed place through joint efforts of all people especially youth and women’s. The way forward is paved with determination, hard work and togetherness for all people in Mkuranga district exploring meaningful opportunities for our future generations

To achieve its mision, SEA works with associations, individuals, societies, Government institutions Organizations’ [NGO`s/CBO`s] and other public bodies across Mkuranga and beyond to educate, inform and inspire people to use their power, privilege, skills and abilities to create a better World for current and future generations.

Latest Updates
Society Empowerment Agency updated its home page.
March 30, 2011
Society Empowerment Agency joined Envaya.
March 17, 2011
Vikindu, Mkuranga, Pwani, Tanzania
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