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MWANZA, Tanzania

Objectives of the project:

  1. Researching and identifying cultural attractions found in Sukumaland.

  2. Promoting and Exhibiting Cultural Heritage Resources from Sukumaland.

  3. Conserving and using  sustainably Sukuma Cultural heritage resources.

  4. Delivering variety of tourist services to the visitors to meet their needs.

  5. To create employment opportunities to the youths who are currently suffering from underemployment and unemployment problem.

  6. To co-operate with the government (Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources, Ministry of Land and Settlement Development and Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports) on issues concerning with environmental and cultural conservation.

  7. To make society a better place to live through using what the society has in generating income for their daily living.

  8. To use some of the project income for alleviating poverty by impowering women and providing humanitarian aids to the endangered groups (Orphans, Widows, elders and HIV/AIDS victims)

  9. To create public awareness on the importance of the protection, development and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.