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Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

In January 2019 we engaged by The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action on reviewing the Child Protection Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Action. We reviewed the components of education and livelihood, a contribution on child protection efforts which has led to inviting us to join with child protection actors from different parts of the world at the annual meeting of child protection in humanitarian action and the launch of the second edition of the child protection minimum standard, a meeting which will be held in Geneva on 14th and 15th October 2019.

We have started to implement ADLEF (Adult Distance Learners Facility) in Kisarawe district, a program which facilitates the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) of inservice primary school teachers who a undergoing a diploma course in primary teacher education at Open University of Tanzania.The learning facilitation is coupled with buiding their capacity of educational policy issues.The have started with two centres,the Centre at Manelumango ward and the other centre at Mzenga ward.We are operating this program with a support of the district council of Kisarawe.

We are due to implement a program known as Adult Distance Learners' Facility (ADLEF).This program aim at facilitating the catalyzing youth who disire to join with teaching proffession and inservice primary school teachers who plan to parsue diploma in primary teacher education to avail ODL (Open and Distance Learning) mode on attaining their learning objectives.

Specifically this program will connect the targeted youth and inservice teachers with the world of work on the perspective of social work.

We are on early stage of implementing ADLEF whereby we are introducing the program to authorities of Mvomero District Council where it will be implemented as a pilot.

PELO is seeking for funding partners for its 5 year strategic plan focusing on improving girl's education and financial management in Local government Authorities

The Executive Director Mr.Julius Muungano was among the representatives from Tanzanian CSOs which participated on the four days international training workshop on Effective Advocacy in UN Proces-Tanzania which was conducted from 11th-15th march 2013 being organized by United Nations Association of Tanzania(UNA Tanzania) in collaboration with World Federation of United Nations Associations(WFUNA) and United Nations Association of Finaland (UNA Finland).    

In November 2012,PELO has opened a program office in Mwanza.The office is located in CCM building at Mbugani ward in mabatini area,about 50 meters after mlango mmoja bus stand.The Program Officer Mr.Koyigila Kazuzi has camped in Mwanza with 5 volunteers for implementation of SDEP (School Dropouts Enterpreneurial Platform) project.The exercise of identifying the school dropouts due to pregnancies is going on in Nyamagana district in collaboration with Ward Executive Officers until the early of january 2013.

PELO's Director(right) with his follow members of TEACH A MAN TO FISH during a workshop, on a discussion of preparing a business plan which was among the topics of the workshop.

On 23rd march 2012,the Executive Director Mr.Julius Muungano attended a a workshop on school based enterprenuership workshop that was organized by TEACH A MAN TO FISH.The aim of the workshop was to facilitate the enterpreneurial based initiatives of schools in order to make the schools sustainable.PELO is a member of this international network and the network is expected to organize an international conference in Njombe in november 2012.



In January 2012,ENVAYA (www.envaya.org) which is an electronic platform of grassroots CSOs in Tanzania to its members the idea of conducting a survey regarding the recent Dar es salaam flooding to assess the effect of flooding in terms of dwellers’properties,water services, income and infrastructures.PELO was among the organizations which participated on the exercise. But since the much concentration of PELO is on Education it went further by assessing the effect of flooding in terms of schooling of children. The survey of PELO revealed that in every ten families that are found to have been affected by flooding, it is only two families which could be found to have no children at school thus pupil/student. The remaining eight families each has at least one child at school.That means the recent flooding has affected academic performance of a big number of children.

Pass through TENMET report for the Global Week of Action 2010 and see how Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO) participated on the event.