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Participatory Rural Transformation

Participatory Rural Transformation

Magu, Tanzania

The organization invite volunteers to take part in different project activities. Whoever wishes to work with us should abide with the organization policy and regulations, he/she must sign the declaration of child protection. Currently, the project Coordinator invite volunteers in the following area: children and Youth councellor, Proposal development, vocation skills tutor and fund raising expert.

Magu district  is a nice place to live since the area provides a good platform for learning and recreation. The area is dominated by Sukuma people whose main activity is pastoralism thus, there is alot to learn from their culture.

Above all the organization is located nearby famous Serengeti National Park which provides habitat for different creatures

Its our belief that if we work together we can  bring justice, equality and poverty-free society.

For more information you can contact:

Jonas Msuya

Project Coordinator