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Orkonerei Mass Media

Orkonerei Mass Media

Terrat, Simanjiro, Tanzania

       Core business 


              Orkonerei Radio Service (ORS FM)

The Orkonerei Radio Service, popularly known as ORS community radio, is headquartered in Terrat village (Terrat ward) in Simanjiro district. The village is about 90 km south east of Arusha city.  The radio was initially owned by the Institute of the Orkonerei Pastoralist Advancement (IOPA) which is a voluntary community membership organization started in 1991 but from 2009 the ownership of the radio was transferred to ORMAME.  

The radio broadcasts sixteen hours per day on FM 94.4 MHz from 7:00AM to 11:00PM, which is suitable with the current equipment used by the Maasai population as radio receptor. The  programming consist of a good mix of news and current affairs, debate on local issues and with messages interlinked with music taking up one third of the total programs: 30 % greetings and community messages, 28 % discussion and educational programs on local issues, 20 % news and sport (of this 10 % in Kimaasai), 12 % music programs and 10% religious programs.

 Orkonerei Maasai Video Project (OMVP)

OMVP is a business and social services unit of ORMAME which aims at documenting various elements of the Maasai community for learning through sharing as well as commercial video production for interested individuals and corporations. The significance of video in education is great due to portability of the information as well as preservation of information for future use. Within the Maasai community, video will be an important tool because it offers an opportunity to communicate the information in the local dialect which may not be easily achievable through the other means of communication available to the Maasai community. Inclusion of visual elements will enhance the communication of information especially in the community where the levels of literacy are still very low.

The initiative will commence with the recording of family portraits on the Maasai community. This will be a starting point in building the requisite skills for production of more commercially oriented video footage and documentation on key products for our clients. Once the capacity has been establish the unit is expected to venture into other areas to include; commercial music video production, documentaries and tourism filming.

                Orkonerei Maasai Information Technology Project (OMITP) 

OMITP is a business unit  with ORMAME that seek to reduce the digital divide between the urban population and the rural community as well as provide as support infrastructure for information access to the other businesses within ORMAME. It is expected to deliver an opportunity for the community to interact with the external world in the most cost effective way. The objective of this project is to implement sustainable ICT solutions to provide access to educational and income generating Internet tools to underserved communities; promote training aimed at narrowing the digital gap; improve the tools for radio production, mainly for research and editing of radio programs and campaigns. 

                Orkonerei Maasai Community Library Project (OMCLP)

Generally, literacy is considered to be the ability to read, write, speak, and compute at a certain level. Functional literacy involves skills needed to cope at an adult level in everyday situations, such as reading a newspaper or completing a job application form. People who lack these abilities often are members of populations suffering from poverty, crime, and unemployment.

Within the OMCLP, ORMAME seeks to improve the ability to read with the Maasai community. The project will compliment the other Initiatives within ORMAME by helping develop a critical mass for demand for information as well as enhance the ability of the community especially the young generation in interacting with the outside world. Within this project ORMAME will establish community resources and facilitate reading classes in the resource centers as well as promote formation of reading clubs for school going children within the community.