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MWANZA, Tanzania


ofisi ya Misungwi vijana saccos iko ghorafa ya kwanza  katika jengo la biashara la halmashauri ya wilaya eneo la soko kuu Misungwi mjini 


Board chairperson of Misungwi vijana saccos MR ABDALLAH MOHAMED RAMADHAN.

always insisting on poverty reduction as a number one problem on the agenda for Misungwi reconstruction called upon government to reduce tariffs on youth business tariffs. the chairpersin said that such an approach woul improve access to national market and stimulate youth busines growth.wide access to SLEM soft loan and vijana loan program from the government would empower Misungwi youth to success.

the desire of our saccos and youth platform supreme concern,speaking on the platform of the problem facing our youth today,Misungwi youth platform will offer the greatest ever prospect for the young people,to throw the doors wide open for themeverywhere in every area of the economic,scientific and technological progress,social creativity and intellectual development to do so means to give our young men and women from Misungwi full scope for individual action then to free them from pelty tutelage and supervisison,and to develop them by letting them do real things and bear real responsibility,and by trusting them.

appeals and slogans are not enough as we understand to rally young youngpeople for the most complex tasks.

youth enthusiasim has to be backed up with effective concern for the destinies of young people.


to empower youth for succession and to create a good platform for poor youth from Misungwi  to discuss and share there opinion for their future plan with  projectcooperation of participating in investing togather project  like the contemporary projectBEEKEEPING FOR SUSTAINABLE RURAL LIVELIHOOD IN MISUNGWI TANZANIA


The outbreak of HIV/AIDS has caused both social and economic disasters in Misungwi district. Many households have lost either father or mother or both leaving children with no body to attend and care for them. This has caused them many problems and suffering by not getting standard basic requirements such as, clothes, shelter and education. Growing under such difficult situation has forced the adolescent orphans (OVC) to get involved into risky livelihood earning activities that expose and make them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection and spread. Experience has shown that people use to lobby adolescent orphan girls using money and cause to engage in sexual affair. a head of the family of the young adolescent orphan girls may be grandfather or mother .the project also will contributes to the fostering of sustainable behaviour in the community whereby they wish to contribute to the welfare of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable in the community


Misungwi’s economy characterized by larger rural agricultural based traditional sector in the rural areas are small scale farmers limited by low income,Misungwi district is one of seven district in Mwanza region comprises of 4 division















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MWANZA, Mwanza, Tanzania
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