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Amahoro Tourism in Action - A. T. A

Amahoro Tourism in Action - A. T. A

Musanze, Rwanda


This is a house rent in Rugarama Sector of Burera District just on the shore of the splendid Burera lake. ATA  hired it and now is being equipped  with local made furniture for its decent use. This  serves as a resort known as the TWINLAKES RESORT.

ATA is working with RDB experts in new community tourism product discovery for tourism product development assignment in Burera and Musanze District, November 13-15, 2013

Amahoro Tourism in Action is a rwandan registered cooperative initiated by the ideas of Mr Japhet NTAHOBARI and J.M.Vianney HARELIMANA. It has been created in 2005 with the aim of eradicating poverty amongst local communities in Rwanda using the development and equitable distribution of community tourism income.

Rwandese people lives depend greatly upon agriculture that uses rudimentary tools inherited from their ancestors. After noticing that this way of living failed to cater for the population needs for living the above mentioned men initiated a cooperative to bring about alternative source of income to Rwandan people that is the community tourism.

They believe that promoting local culture, handcraft making, visiting natural touristic sites might be important to strengthen Rwanda communities and bestow to clients other enjoyable options of exploring the beauty of this nation.

ATA finds it promoting and strengthening the community initiatives very vital in Rwanda to boost the local population quality of life and guarantee adequate management of quality of sustainability in community tourism projects by local Rwandan peoples. ATA seeks to promote and strengthen these experiences.

To foster these complementary economic options, ATA will develop a system of connectivity among its affiliate organisations members to create a synergy aiming at avoiding unnecessary competition through a comprehensive network of these complementary associations. This endeavour being a non pro-bono, ATA believes to get good economic harvest to cater for poor rural dwellers’ needs.

ATA will set a powerful marketing programme capable to provide more efficient services to boost its clients and associates members through maximum exploitation of ICT’s. ATA is commencing its piloting in the Northern part of Rwanda, the most favourable part for community tourism.

The very most objective of ATA is to improve quality of life of the local population from an integrated, sustainable perspective by providing alternative livelihood through this new industry that is community Tourism.

The ATA overall goal is to market Rwanda community tourism initiatives all over the world through information gathering and dissemination to its target market be it local, regional and international.

This imperatives cannot be achieved without a systematized and strong community tourism initiatives sytems ; promotion and reliable marketing for the attractive destinations proposed by ATA.

All these will end up stimulating the local economic dynamics and at the end contribute to ATA’s institution-building for its financial autonomy.

‘A community involved in planning and implementation of tourism has a more positive attitude, is more supportive and has a better chance to make a profit from tourism than a population passively ruled (or overrun) by tourism’ (UNEP 2006).


Munanira Island where ATA is planning to put up a touristic garden, and a tourists stop over while surfing in Burera lake


Birwa Batutsi Island, the part on which ATA is putting up a touristic camp site

ATA is negociating partnership with both local, regional and international organization such Amahoro Tours and Umubano Tours of Musanze-Rwanda), Sunrise safaris (Kigali-Rwanda), Mgahinga Community Development Organization,   http://mcdou.org (Kisoro-Uganda), Bunyonyi Island camp(Kabale-Uganda), SNV(Netherlands NGO), A Better World, www.a-better-world.ca (Canada).
5. Purchased of two portions of land on Birwabatutsi and Munanira islands situated in Burera Lake.
6. Purchased of two houses now under refurbishment to be home stays for ATA target clients, one in Rugarama centre, the other in Birwabatutsi Island.