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Arusha Empire Consultation Centre

Arusha Empire Consultation Centre

Arusha, Tanzania

Counselling services at Arusha Empire Consultation Centre

Our Services help:

*Students/children: to Improve Academic Performance, Behavioural change, Psychologically Examination Preparations, Studying Skills and Set Life Goals;

*Couples/partners: To Improve Relationship, Resolve Marital Issues and Bring up Children Successful;

*Employees/ers: To Improve Working Performance, Customer care, Team Work Building and Manage Work Stress;

*Teachers: Create Positive School Environment and Healing Class Rooms for better teaching-learning process

*Individuals Experiencing Difficult and Stressful Life: To Transform Mindset to Positive Thinking and Possibilities

*Trainings: We also conduct training on psychological matters to Eployees and employers on how to create stress free zone at working place as well as impart caring skills. We also provide individual workers with skills of adding value in the working market,  


We have reasonable fee and no one will be denied to our service