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Moshi, Tanzania

YWCA Moshi currently operates a Children’s Rehabilitation Program, and a school program.


The Children’s Rehabilitation Centre  started in 2001. It works through a program called ’Community Oriented Rehabilitation (COR).

What is COR?

Its an additional model to the already existing ones, such as Hospital-based, Community-based etc. COR is organizational-based. An intensive Outreach Program and Therapeutic Weeks are the  main ‘tools’ in the COR program . 

During the Therapeutic Weeks, parents/caregivers of children with disabilities and their children meet for a whole week.

A therapeutic week is designed to:

1.Empower the caregiver to become a knowledgeable co-therapist to their own child.

2.Enable the caregiver to become a confident advocate in the community for children with disabilities.

3.Facilitate peer-education amongst the caregivers

4.Enable the children, in cooperation with the caregivers, to develop to their full potential as a preparation for their integration into the social system.

During a therapeutic week, a Pediatrician, a Physiotherapist, and a Speech therapist from KCMC   Hospital are invited to conduct a clinic together with the Occupational therapists.

Outreach activities encompass the second tool in the COR Program. Occupational therapists from YWCA Moshi, visit other centres in Tanga, Same, Mto wa Mbu, and Rombo to conduct Therapeutic Weeks and Home visits with the help of trained Community Rehabilitation    Workers (CRW’s).

The COR Program is not an independent model, therefore networking with other governmental and non-governmental organizations is of utmost importance.


There are two kindergartens and a school unit at YWCA Moshi: A regular Montessori            kindergarten, a pre-school kindergarten and a school unit for Intellectually Impaired children.

The Pre-School Kindergarten:

The pre-school kindergarten is for children who cannot yet benefit in a regular kindergarten  due to various developmental delays and difficulties. They learn through play, simple activities of daily living, games, and songs.














The Regular Montessori Kindergarten:

The Regular Montessori Kindergarten is for children without disabilities. Montessori is a special method for teaching children aiming at developing their natural interests and activities.














The School Unit for Intellectually Impared(challenged) Children:

The I.I Unit is a school unit for Intellectually Impaired children that was purposely started for children who cannot  yet attend a regular primary school due to physical and/ or cognitive disabilities.  Children in this class get a  chance in our boarding facility during the week days and are allowed to spend the weekends at home with their families. This is to maintain the connection between parents and their children.














The I.I Unit has a computer - Program for children who have difficulties in holding a pen/ pencil to write. Its a useful  way for them to self study, express their academic skills, and promote social interaction.

These children are also involved in afternoon extra-curricular activities like games, play, crafts and music as part of their leisure.














The Community Oriented Rehabilitation Program will always be attached to an already existing organization or institution. This allows for the utilization of the already existing physical and administrative infrastructure as well as the potential expertise within the organization. The COR Program has proved to be an easy-to-duplicate model in the Tanzania setting.