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Moshi, Tanzania

History of the Young Women Christian Association in Tanzania

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) is the oldest voluntary ecumenical women’s movement. Its work began in 1855 but was formerly established as world YWCA in 1894. It is designed to serve members and non members regardless of race nationality, gender, or creed. YWCA is an Organization with a Christian purpose. The members are committed to the Christian purpose of Love and service.

VISION: Holiness Quality Life for all Tanzanians, through women’s leadership.

MISSION: Inspired by the Christian faith, YWCA’s mission is to build and consolidate collective leadership and voice of women and girls to achieve peace, dignity, justice, and health for all.

YWCA in Tanzania was started in 1959 by a group of interested members in Marangu-Moshi. The first YWCA branches to form YWCA National were Moshi, Dar-es-Salaam, Arusha, and Tanga. There are now fifteen branches. YWCA of Tanzania is among 125 National YWCA’s or countries which make World YWCA with its headquarters in Geneva.

YWCA in Marangu started with a goal of operating a kindergarten. It was then shifted to Moshi Municipality after a short while, where it continued running the Kindergarten for regular children up to the year 1995. It is located approximately half a kilometer, west from the clock tower round about, along Boma Road, opposite the Stanbic Bank.

In the Organizational Structure of the association, the Council Meeting is the Supreme Body of the Association. It is composed of members from all the branches responsible for general policy and guidance. The National Executive Committee carries out the overall coordination of YWCA activities and any matters arising between Council meetings. The standing Committee with the help of Sub-Committees on specific areas is responsible for day –to- day management and implementation of programs. Contact person for YWCA National is the General Secretary and for YWCA branches is the branch Secretary. The headquarters for the YWCA National in Tanzania is currently based in Dar es salaam.

Members are registered through YWCA branches where they are residing. There is no membership at national level.

  1. Full membership is open to all women and girls of 12 and over who accept the Christian basis of the YWCA
  2. Associated membership is open to all member and girls aged 12 and over who wish to avail themselves of YWCA services, but do not necessarily accept the Christian doctrine
  3. Junior Membership is open to all girls under 12 to 30 years
  4. Life Membership