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Youth Initiative Foundation

Youth Initiative Foundation

Arusha, Tanzania

Soccer is the back bone of our programs, during this period of uncertaity of corona virus. Our organisation is continuing to work with youth and now boys are undergoing tranings to participate in organized football league that will take place in April 2021.


Due to corona pandemic YOIFO is aware of the effects of the diesaes and YOIFO is very keen on the safety of peple. So we believe volunteers and community will take precation and support our government to fight against corona by avoinding unnecessary joints and following the key ways to overcome the spread.


Youth Initiative Foundation is working and targeting vulnerable youth across Tanzania. Many youth have potential but they lack a platform where they can express and enhance their potential.Threfore YOIFO is creating the opportunity where youth can show and enhance their potential.

YOIFO has organized a new year Bonanza that is going to kick off tomorrow on Monday at 2:00pm. This Bonanza will start on 28th December and finals will take place on 4th January 2016. Nine teams have confirmed to participate in this event.

This bonanza is aming at gathering youth and creating awareness on issues conserning heath. Majority are addicted to drugs and subsatnce abuse therefore YOIFO is using this platform to deserminate information regarding miss uses of drugs and substance abuse.

Christmas cup

Youth Initiative Foundation happy to announce that 2015 Christimas Cup is going to take place in December 2015.

This event is organized by Sports department in collaboration with life skills department. The aim of this event is to gather youth and create awreness on issues such as, effects on alcohol, reproductive health and HIV and AIDS.

On behalf of YOIFO we wish all the best for participants in incoming event.