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Youth Initiative Foundation

Youth Initiative Foundation

Arusha, Tanzania

Youth Initiative Foundation is using arts and sports  as a tool for community . Our organization is bridging YOUTH across Tanzania and give them new hope so that they can fulfill their dreams and brighten their future.

This organization is entitled to fight against misuses of drags and substance abuse, prevention and transmision of  HIV and AIDS. Sexuality and reproductive health this include effects of childhood pregnance and miscarriage.

In addtition to above YOIFO is creating a platform where by YOUTH can be gathered, share ideas, discuss their key issues and come up with solution. Those platforms are YOUTH camps, tournaments and league where by by awareness sessions can be organized and conducted by peer leaders.

Nether the less YOIFO is planning to provide supports to students who did not manage to join secondary studies. By acquiring secondary school studies for short period and join vocational training studies. Also YOIFO is planning to provide a platform where by YOUTH shall have access to text books, news papers, studying materials and provide them extra lessons so that they can raise their school performance.

Youth Initiative Foundation is focusing on cross cutting issues such; gender equality and environment conservation. We are doing this in order to make sure that girls are empowered and our environment and biodiversity are secured and protected.

Despite all, our organization is running a program that is called healing outside of a hospital (HOOAH) This program is planned to provide physical and recreational games for YOUTH so that they can keep their health fit and fight against opportunistic diseases.

Lastly YOIFO focusing on building leadership capacity, developing coaches and referees and emprove the living and working condition of volunteers and staff too.