Yebhe Chikomesye

Yebhe Chikomesye

Rusoli Majita, Tanzania

Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

Yebhe Chikomesye focuses to build capacities for the community groups particularly those vulnerable groups (women, children, youth and elders) so as to participate full in social and economic development activities by enabling them to use opportunities and information from different investors or development partners in production, environmental conservation, education, health and good governance for lobbying and advocacy, information sharing and build professional knowledge, fundraising and capital sources.

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Yebhe Chikomesye imeongeza Habari 4.
Laboratory tables at workshop site
11 Januari, 2018
Yebhe Chikomesye imeongeza Habari 16.
16 Agosti, 2017
Yebhe Chikomesye imeongeza Habari 3.
Student studying before sleeping after receiving solar lantern
14 Julai, 2017
Yebhe Chikomesye imehariri ukurasa wa Jitolee.
Yebhe Chikomesye runs a flexible volunteer intern program with assignments built around the specific interests of the prospective volunteer. Placements available include: – Borehole drilling project Education project Rusoli Primary Library project Rusoli Secondary Laboratory... Soma zaidi
14 Julai, 2017
Yebhe Chikomesye imehariri ukurasa wa Historia.
Yebhe Chikomesye is a registered Non – Governmental Organization based in Musoma rural with its Headquarter at Rusoli village in the western part of the Municipality of Musoma, along the shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. The Organization started in 1994 and registered in 2007 under The Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 (Made Under... Soma zaidi
30 Mei, 2017
Yebhe Chikomesye imehariri ukurasa wa Miradi.
Yebhe Chikomesye programs include:- – Health Service Borehole drilling project. – The Rusoli abundant water project is among the project which is implemented by Yebhechikomesye. The project started in 2008... Soma zaidi
30 Mei, 2017
Rusoli Majita, Mara, Tanzania
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