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Yebhe Chikomesye

Yebhe Chikomesye

Rusoli Majita, Tanzania

Yebhe Chikomesye programs include:-

  1. Health Service
  • Borehole drilling project.

    The Rusoli abundant water project is among the project which is implemented by Yebhechikomesye. The project started in 2008 with the support from SOLOPTIMISTIC and ILS through drilling the 1st borehole at Rusoli secondary school with the aim of securing enough water with a good quality, and rescue women and school girls from heavy work load. Thereafter, the project scaled to community surrounding the schools involving four hamlets of Rusoli village (i.e Rusoli kati, Rusoli,Chakalebha and Bwenda) for the purpose to save the community specifically women and children who normally fetch water for domestic consumptions. The project has mainly passed in a range of activities stages i.e. drilling of boreholes, construction of pump house, purchase and installation of solar pump, purchase of sim tanks, pipes and installing water distribution networks and formulation of community water users committee for the management of the projects. Then after realizing the benefit of this source water Yebhechikomesye with the support from SOLOPTIMISTIC and ILS adds another 2nd borehole which serves Chinyebui, Nyamulibwa and bwenda hamlets community members.

2. Education

  • Rusoli Primary Library project.

  • The project started in 2010 by rehabilitating one classroom to be a library room, through plastering and paintings, putting doors and window making book shelves and buying books including text books and storytelling books.

  • Secondary School Laboratory Project
  • Solar Lantern Project
  • Sports and Drawing Project
  • Programs for Information Communication Technology (Training on ICT knowledge among young people in Mara region to exploit opportunities available in the ICT industry to better meet youth employment). The ICT industry is by far the rapidly growing industry; It has vast opportunities of employment, ranging from typing to programming.


Tree planting campaign (Tree nursery raising and   distribution to the communities) for carbon offset and environmental conservation.Sustainable agriculture and food security (Organic farming application).

4.Women empowerment