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Yebhe Chikomesye

Yebhe Chikomesye

Rusoli Majita, Tanzania

Yebhe Chikomesye is a registered Non – Governmental Organization based in Musoma rural with its Headquarter at Rusoli village in the western part of the Municipality of Musoma, along the shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. The Organization started in 1994 and registered in 2007 under The Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 (Made Under section 12(2) of Act No.24 of 2002) with registration No.10NGO/1189. Historical background of Yebhe Chikomesye has passed a long way, initially it started as group of women groups who were working together to meet their social gender roles in facilitating social Development around their localities. These group working system were commonly known as “LISAGA”(co-working).

Yebhe Chikomesye means “Dear sisters let us fight for our development.” The group started with six family member’s of Rusoli Village in the late 1960s under the leadership of Nyasatu Maingu( she is now an advisor ).

The main tasks which have been carried out since then include:-

  • Agriculture activities
  • Houses building ( muddling)
  • Harvesting farm products like Rice, Millet,
  • Preparation of wedding ceremony (to days is known as kitchen Part) and any other social disasters Like deaths, floods, hunger etc.