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Special Development Organisation

Special Development Organisation

simanjiro, Tanzania

Simanjiro Pastoralist envisioned and committed towards improvement and advancement of their livelihoods (SPECIAL Dev. Org). The Organization is  a non-profit making, non sectarian, non-political, non-governmental voluntary organization, autonomous and independent of its members and it shall endeavour to fulfil its objects in the best interests of its members. The offices for this organisation are at Naberera village in Simanjiiro district.We also have a communication office in Arusha city.

The organization was legally registered in the twenty seventh day of June Two thousand and six  under the company act of 2002 as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. We are purely not for profit making organization; we Focus on women and youth  are doing services to the indigenous pastoralist and gatherers communities in Arusha and Manyara region in Northern Tanzania.


We envision a community which the basic rights of its people are protected within the framework of their culture and their social-economic well being are improved within their environment.

General guidelines and aims:
Broad goals of the Organization should guide policy formulation; modalities of operation and specific Organization programme
activities evolve around the following key issues:
¨ Promoting community initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods and enhancing development of target communities;
¨ Catalysing the use of renewable energies in Pastoralist for environment protection and addressing the problem of energy.
¨ Facilitating processes to mobilise resources for sustainable development among Pastoralist.
¨ Ensuring adequate advocacy and lobbying mechanisms for enhancing security of resource tenure for Pastoralist and promoting
the community to engage in the decision making process.
¨ Capacity building to Pastoralist communities through promoting education and awareness creation on the cross cutting issues
such as environment protection, HIV/AIDS and gender issues.
Specific objectives of SPECIAL Dev.Organisation:
• To initiate project which will aim at reduction of poverty and solving the problem facing the communities.
• To create awareness on new technologies of renewable energies and facilitate the community to access and benefit from
these technologies.
• To advocate and lobby on issues of primary concern for Pastoralist, to build courage for the community to demand and
protect their basic rights and to engage effectively in the decision making process.
• To create awareness by providing seminars, w/shops and meetings on cross cutting issues such as environment protection,
HIV AIDS and gender.
• To network with other institutions with similar interests.
• To provide support to needy communities interms of fund-raising, information, links, skills, etc.
• To undertake research activities and other necessary studies for advocacy and informing the communities we work with