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Fadeco Community Radio

Fadeco Community Radio

Karagwe, Tanzania

FADECO COMMUNITY RADIO has joined other media institutions in the country to promote citizens and voters education during the wake of the national parliamentary and presidential election set for 31.10.2010.

With collaboration from the UNDP Voters education programme, National Election Committee (NEC), HakiElimu, Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD), the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), Karagwe District Network of Voluntary Organisations (KADENVO) and other Community Media in Tanzania (COMNETA), FADECO RADIO has produced and broadcast voters education materials for a period of 2 months.

These materials have included radio spots, special voter education programs, drama, songs, poems and presentations made by individual political aspirants. The National Election Committee has provided updated information materials that has been broadcast while the local election in Karagwe has collaborated to explain election procedures to the general ppulation via periodical live and recorded programs.

On the eve of the elections, all voter education information has been stopped and FADECO RADIO wishes all Tanzanians happy elections 2010. Throughout the 60 days of the election campaigns, FADECO RADIO through its program: KUELEKEA KATIKA UCHAGUZI 2010, different persons and institutions have been enabled to carry out the voter education with a visible impact manifested in the level awareness among the local voters.

It had never happened before that, such vital education and information were passed unto the community, and FADECO RADIO is being heralded for this initiative. During the campiagns,FADECO RADIO has provided oportunity to main 3 presidental candidates to address the general population live in Karagwe district.

On the 25th Aug. 2010, FADECO RADIO provided live coverage to president Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in Kagera Region. This vist which was well coordinated started in Missenyi District before coming to Karagwe. Live coverage was made of the visit which saw President Kikwete visit the districts of Missenyi and Karagwe.

This accorded people in Kagera region to have a first hand hearing of what the president had to say. In Karagwe, FADECO RADIO made live coverage of the presidential campaign trail from Kayanga, Nkwenda and Bushangaro.

Likewise on the 13th October 2010, FADECO RADIO provided live coverage of the visit of presidential candidate of the Chama cha Democrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) Dr. Wilbroad Slaa in Karagwe and Missentyi district. This visit which started on the 13.10.2010 started at Nyakasimbi village.

The live coverage escorted the CHADEMA presidential candidate to the rally at Nyakaiga, Nkwenda and Kayanga. The following day, the live coverage accompanied the presidential candidate to Kaisho and to Bukoba.

On the 12th September 2010, FADECO RADIO made live coverage on the inauguration of the NCCR MAGEUZI in Karagwe. Also FADECO RADIO has provided live coverage to the presidential candidate Ibrahim Lipumba of Civic United Front (CUF) in Karagwe.

On 31st October 2010, FADECO RADIO is providing also live coverage of lections in Kagera Region. While at the same time, providing live coverage of the elections in other parts of the country via partner media houses particlarly TBC TAIFA.


In its attempt to meet the challenges of cost vice versa limited revenues, FADECO RADIO has creatively devised ways to improvise on equipment, employ volunteers, work extra hours at will and encourage local community participation on content development.

One clever invention to improve the quality of transmission and communication via telephone, FADECO RADIO improvised a telephone hybrid system which has revolutionlaised the way communication via mobile telephony is conducted.

Using a cheap nokia phone (TShs 40,000/-), a head set (TShs 5,000) and audio cable, we have created a hybrid system that incorporates telephone direcrtly into the mixer. The mixer is connected to the studio headphone and computer. the computer has an audio software which allows recording of audio signal input into it.

The resultant signal output into the transmitter is of a higher quality compared to traditional ways, whereby in lieu of such an aid, a communicator places the mobile phone in its loud speaker mode against the studio microphone. The audio quality in this case is very poor and not clear.


Mobile phones when well connected to the studio, allows the presenter and the audience to interact in a proactive manner. It gives the presenter to be connected to the audience via live exchanges of conversations.

This automatically encourages participation, interaction and interactivity. The general public or audience, interacts actively with the studio. Using the capabilities offered by this technology, it becomes possible to intergrate different ICTS including internet, email, mobile phone and face to face interactions between the studio and the listener.

FADECO COMMUNITY RADIO has started a program to bring cheap solar powered lights into rural schools in Karagwe. This project is possible thanks to the subsidy provided by D-Light East Africa.

Through this project, D-Light East Africa, has accepted to subsidize solar lanterns of famous known as SOLATA which normally sell at a commercial retail price of TShs 22,500/- each to a subsidized price of TShs 10,000/-.

Under this project, students will have to register their names through their headmasters and pay 10,000/- for each of the SOLATA D-Lights.


It is hoped that, by providing light to rural schools, students will be able to do their evening study, and hence improve theiur performance in class. This will result in an increased number of students who follow their prep work and hence an increased number of students who revise, study at home or in their dormitories, with a corresponding increase in number of students who pass their exams.

Healthwise, the provision of cleaner light, will ensure better health to the students. they will nopt have to strain theiur eyes as is the case with kerosene lanterns which in addition to poor light, emit smoke and soot which is hazardous to human life.

FADECO Community Radio (FRC 100.8 FM) is a community-based radio station in Karagwe District, Kagera region, NW Tanzania. It was launched by the Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation (FADECO), a grassroots NGO in Karagwe.

Radio FADECO’s mission is to stimulate rural development in Karagwe region by facilitating access to and dissemination of information, learning resources, and communication technologies. The station seeks to be “a voice for the voiceless,” offering its microphone to “marginalized” communities—including the poor, women and children’s groups, the handicapped, and HIV-AIDS sufferers.

FRC 100.8 FM took to the airwaves in 2007, following almost a decade of grassroots organizing work. A March 2009 document lays out the following station objectives:

  • To develop into a fully-fledged community multimedia tele-centre, offering easy access to and a channel for the dissemination of information to the Karagwe community via the Internet, local content generation, and radio broadcasting;
  • To promote space for increased and meaningful participation in national/regional poverty eradication plans;
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on rural development;
  • To encourage and promote good governance, democracy, civility, and human rights;
  • To help rural communities uphold and preserve their cultures (indigenous knowledge, practices and traditions), while living harmoniously and conserving the environment.

Radio FADECO’s target groups include community development workers, local government, schools and vocational colleges, health facilities, and regional NGOs, farmers, businessmen, livestock managers, and micro-finance institutions. A board of seven—assisted by fourteen committee members representing various community constituencies—governs the station. A four-member board is responsible for staff recruitment, training, evaluation, and other station ownership matters.

Radio FADECO’s program schedule includes daily news, market reports, and sports updates, and programs of widely varying nature: arts, culture, and history; women and youth; governance; human rights; agriculture; the environment, education, health; science and technology; entertainment and faith.

FRC 100.8 FM broadcasts from 5.00 A.M. to midnight, to a potential audience of over 1.5 million in the four districts of Karagwe, Missenyi, Bukoba and Muleba (all in Kagera Region, NW Tanzania). The station can also be heard in neighboring borders districts in Uganda (Mbarara, Rakai and Masaka) and Rwanda (Kibungo, Rusumo).

With the enrichment of its programming in mind, FRC 100.8FM has partnered with the BBC Swahili Service, the Swahili Service of Radio Deutche Welle, the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), Radio Habari Maalum (RHM), and with the Vancouver, Canada-based Commonwealth of Learning. FRC 100.8 FM has partnered with Farm Radio International, and its affiliated Africa Farm Radio Research Initiative (AFRRI).

FRC 100.8 FM listeners participate actively at various levels through fans clubs, salam clubs (greetings clubs), live phone-ins, text-ins, and round-table panel discussions.

FRC 100.8 FM’s greatest challenges are technical. The station transmits at a power of 50W, using a single dipole antenna. Coverage is therefore much smaller than they would wish. Reception in valley bottoms and behind high hills can be difficult. Another challenge is staffing. It is difficult to entice qualified journalists and radio people to come and work in a rural setting.

Radio FADECO earns most of its revenue through advertising, supplemented by short-term contracts and program sponsorships. But making ends meet is still a challenge. Given the benefits of radio, its relative ease of operation and considerable impact, FRC 100.8 FM is pressing forward in a number of areas. Developing in-house production capacity and increasing its power output top the agenda.



The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) on the 6th Aug. 2010 issued new licences to two community radio stations and four internet service providers. FADECO Community Radio FRC 100.8 FM was one of the recipients of the content broadcasting licences while Kifimbo FM from Dodoma in central Tanzania was another receipient.

In his speech, Prof. John S. Nkoma, the TCRA Managing Director hailed the contribution that community radioa were making in catapulting the development process in Tanzania. Radio FADECO was hailed for its contribution in bridging the informtion vacuum in Kagera region and opening up the region to know what is going in the country around them.

The ceremony was attended the director of Radio FADECO Mr. Joseph Sekiku and Mrs Devotha Martine who is the manager. These travelled by air from karagwe to Dar es salaam special to be present on this auscipicious event.

FADECO Radio listeners were kept abreast of the ceremony through a live broadcast from the TCRA headquarters, making the audience of radio fadeco participate in the award ceremony.`