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Fadeco Community Radio

Fadeco Community Radio

Karagwe, Tanzania

1. Introduction



FADECO COMMUNITY RADIO (FRC 100.8 FM) is a local radio station operational in Karagwe District, Kagera region, NW Tanzania.  This project was started by the Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation (FADECO) a local NGO in Karagwe. 


Vision of radio FADECO   


To Provide, disseminate and exchange development information to the people in Karagwe district so that they can actively participate in national development and to provide affordable communication and information services to meet the socioeconomic and cultural needs of everyone in Karagwe District.”


Mission of radio FADECO


To stimulate rural development by facilitating access to and dissemination of information, learning resources and communication technologies in Karagwe district; and to become the leading community radio contributing to the economic and social development of the Karagwe Communities and the nation at large.


Objectives of Radio FADECO


·        To develop into a fully-fledged community multi-media tele-centre offering easy access to and a channel for the dissemination of information to the Karagwe community through : Internet access facilities, Local content generation/ dissemination Community and content radio broadcasting

·        To promote space for increased and meaningful participation in poverty eradication plan (MUKUKUTA) and village level participatory planning and community involvement

·        Provide a forum for the exchange/ sharing of ideas and expression on rural development

·        Encourage and promote good governance, democracy, civility and human rights

·        Help the rural communities to uphold and preserve their cultures (indigenous knowledge, practices, traditions) and help them live harmoniously live with each other and the environment.


Beneficiaries / Target Groups:



The project would benefit all development-oriented people in Karagwe district especially the grassroots communities (the farmers) and the business community. The information would be helpful to development agents too: NGOs, CBOs, government institutions and private researchers. Schools would benefit in a way. Everyone interested in accessing information will directly benefit.


Community Development agents, Local government, Schools (Primary, Secondary and vocational Colleges), Health facilities (Hospitals and dispensaries), NGOs, FBOs and CBOs, Farmers, Businessmen, Livestock Keepers, Microfinance institutions form the main target groups. The departments of Agricultural extension, primary/ community health education and business skills/ entrepreneurship skills development will find this facility very resourceful in reaching out to the communities in a timely and cost effective manner.