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The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU

The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU

Nyumba nitu, Njombe, Tanzania


1) In 2007, CHAKUNIMU  provided education on HIV/AIDS to disabled, youth, local leaders, and especially native doctors people in fourten villages of Mdandu ward under sponsership of The Foundation for Civil Society from Dar Es Salaam. The project targeted to build the awareness for whole communities on HIV/AIDS, Sexual transmitted diseases especially to at-risk groups.

2) In 2010 we created awareness to seven primary schools from Igima, Njombe town, Imalinyi, Makoga and Mdandu ward for the aim of identifying peer health educators from Primary schools. The project conducted in partinership with McGILL University of nurse from Canada.

3) CHAKUNIMU has and continues to work with local government for development purposes.  An example of this is their continuing assistance with the government of Nyumbanitu to build a clinic and to provide solar to the community clinic so that aid can be provided at all times of the day.

4) In 2008 through 2009 we conducted research with McGill University about people living with HIV/AIDS in six Villages of Nyumbanitu , Itulike, Imalinyi, Mlevela, Ulembwe and Utelewe and after the accomplishment of the project with the project we received medicine kits and a CD4 that is used to help many at the regional hospital.



1) Creating awareness to youth and whole community on HIV aids and cross cutting issues. CHAKUNIMU  have special teams from villages and sub villages for providing home base care and to counseling them, In ten villages as follows Nyumbanitu, Mlevela, Itulike, Ulembwe, Utelewe, Imalinyi, Usita, Ilulu, Maheve, Amani, 

2) Environmental Conservation through soil conservation by planting trees to replenish the nutrients into the soil and prevent soil erosion.  This is done by tree plantation in villages and to educate the community on hygine and use of toilets. Through establishing tree nurseries we have provided many households with access to fruit trees, trees for timber, and trees to protect and clean local water sources.

3) We are partnering with the Nyumbanitu Primary School to provide an avocado tree farm that will give the students access to daily proper nutrition and provide the school efficient funds for further development so the school does not have to rely so much on government funds.

4) CHAKUNIMU  partnered with local community members to build a Public Libray Building for the use of educational conferences based on agriculture, business, entrepreneurship and health for the village and for students to read and learn.  Currently the building is equipped with electricity and public restrooms and is being used for educational meetings.  It is our goal to provide more shelves and books so that the community can continue to learn and develop.



1) CHAKUNIMU planning to establish a project of bee keeping as a part of income generating activities for the purpuse of reducing depenance to donors and grant makers  and to raise living standard of members and the project of organization will be used as farm field school and each members will supposed to establish his/her project and will have 5 bee hive.

2) Vergitables and nusuries of trees.  CHAKUNIMU is planning  to establish vergitables garden whose will produce Tomatoes, onion, cabbages and other vergitables also we will have nusuries of fruit trees, timble trees, electricity post trees and some seed will be sold and others we will planted in members farms as for of promoting long term investment to members and whole communities, Our seeds will be sold at cheap price to compare with normal business man in order many people to afford to buy.