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The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU

The Peer Health Educator Group CHAKUNIMU

Nyumba nitu, Njombe, Tanzania

Email address:l.lilawola@yahoo.com
Phone number:0656483662, 0755096356, 0786694413
Street address:Nyumbanitu Village, Igima Ward, Njombe Region

CHAKUNIMU office Located at Nyumbanitu Village close with Nyumba Nitu Primary school at Igima ward, Estimated to 17 KM from Njombe town the west side from The Region near Mlevela.

To reach our office use:
- Mdandu Bus located at the entrance of the Njombe Bus stand departs at 1:00 and takes 1 hour to arrive (2,000 Tshs)
- Motorcyle driver are available all day (5,000-7,000 Tshs)
- Taxi (15,000-20,000 Tshs)
Mailing address:P.O.BOX 911, Njombe
Contact name:Lawrence Lilawola
Contact title:Chair person