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Bukoba, Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Modernization Association, in short, TAMA, is a national non profit making, non denominational, non political and non   governmental organization whose headquarters are in Bukoba   Municipality, Kagera Region, Tanzania, East Africa. It was founded in Bukoba by 23 Tanzanians from allover the country, March 2006 and legally registered on 10th August 2006 with registration number 00NGO/1588. It works in accordance with   Tanzania NGOs’ Act number 24 of 2002 and in pursuant to the Tanzania NGOs’ Code of Conduct. TAMA is managed by Board of Directors while the Executive Committee is in charge of day to day affairs of the Association.


TAMA is based on the philosophy that, for sustainable livelihoods to take place, there is a need for vibrant and broad decisions committed to mobilize smallholder farmers and the community at large to actively participate in the fight against extreme poverty through an active and effective adherence to the agricultural sector revamp in Tanzania for sustainable livelihoods of marginalized groups including youth, women and children in particular.


With this, TAMA aims at contributing  to existing several efforts to reduce poverty among men and women, children and youth through increasing agricultural productivity and improve quality of farmers’ produce to meet local and international market demands. Education to farmers and other marginalized community on how to reduce poverty at household level is our priority. Thus, this would result in modern crop production, expanded markets, and better prices hence better standards of living of farmers in Tanzania that make up 80% of its population.