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Bukoba, Tanzania



Tanzania Agricultural Modernization Association, in short, TAMA, is a national non profit making, non denominational, non political and non   governmental organization whose headquarters are in Bukoba   Municipality, Kagera Region, Tanzania, East Africa. It was founded in Bukoba by 23 Tanzanians from allover the country, March 2006 and legally registered on 10th August 2006 with registration number 00NGO/1588. It works in accordance with   Tanzania NGOs’ Act number 24 of 2002 and in pursuant to the Tanzania NGOs’ Code of Conduct. TAMA is managed by Board of Directors while the Executive Committee is in charge of day to day affairs of the Association.



TAMA is based on the philosophy that, for sustainable livelihoods to take place, there is a need for vibrant and broad decisions committed to mobilize smallholder farmers and the community at large to actively participate in the fight against extreme poverty through an active and effective adherence to the agricultural sector revamp in Tanzania for sustainable livelihoods of marginalized groups including youth, women and children in particular.


With this, TAMA aims at contributing  to existing several efforts to reduce poverty among men and women, children and youth through increasing agricultural productivity and improve quality of farmers’ produce to meet local and international market demands. Education to farmers and other marginalized community on how to reduce poverty at household level is our priority. Thus, this would result in modern crop production, expanded markets, and better prices hence better standards of living of farmers in Tanzania that make up 80% of its population.



To have community of farmers with improved quality life.



To build capacity of farmers’ community through participatory approach and action to promote sustainable agriculture and life skills for improvement of farmers’ socio-economic wellbeing.



Building capacity of farmers: Agriculture is Life.



  • Commitment

TAMA will always commit time and expertise to its activities to equally serve our target community wherever and whenever necessary in pursuant to our constitution.


  • Accountability

The Board, Executive Committee and any other members of TAMA will be accountable for any work and responsibility entitled to.


  • Transparency

We will be open, transparent and honest to the government, our partners and community we serve. However, we will communicate clearly to our partners on all what we do for a purpose whilst adhering to confidentiality protocols.


  • Integrity

TAMA will advocate for and practice integrity in all its forms and in all of our services. We will operate a policy of zero tolerance on all forms of inhumanity, stigma, discrimination and corruption in the course of our services delivery to target groups; both internally and externally.


  • Unity

TAMA believes in “Together is Power”. We will seek, develop and harmonize partnership and mutual networking among all sorts of individual people, community groups, local government; the public, local, national, regional and international organizations only for a purpose to meet needs and demands of target populations in accordance with our vision and mission statements.



The objectives for which TAMA was established include:

    •  Promote sustainable agriculture.
    •  Provide agricultural extension services to farmers.
    •  Promote farmers with innovations in science and technology related to community development.
    •  Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger among adult and young women and men.
    •  Improve land use management, agro forestry, environmental conservation and management.
    •  Promote good governance, human rights and gender equity and equality.
    •  Empower economy of marginalized groups i.e. youth and women.
    •  Combat epidemic and pandemic diseases i.e. HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB.
    •  Promote income generating activities (IGAs).




  • Income Generation Activities (IGAs).
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Good governance




  • ·   Marginalized farmers   
  • ·    Fishing community
  •      Women
  • ·    General community  


 * Promote sustainable agriculture (2007/2008),

* Farmers Action Against HIV/AIDS (2009/2011)

* Amua Campaign for HIV/AIDS Prevention, a project supported by Multi-donors through Rapid Funding Envelope (RFE).



TAMA is legally registered, free with dedicated, innovative and professional members. The executive committee members are very cooperative, committed, responsible and willing to work voluntarily for the benefit of program focused people.


(b) Weakness

TAMA has no own office, employed staff, office land and no reliable sources of funding.


(c) Opportunities

One of the biggest opportunities we have is the big number of farmers’ groups willing to work with our organization for the purpose of poverty reduction. There is enough fertile land which can be used for enough, and modern crop production. We have also a great support and mutual collaboration from the local government authorities, civil society organizations and individual persons whom we do exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise.


(d) Threats

One of the threats we face is insufficient funds to cover costs for our organizations’ projects, management and administration.




TAMA has a total of 23 (12 males and 11 females) founding members. It is managed by Board of Directors comprised of nine members who are final decision makers in the organization. There is an Executive Committee of five members responsible for day to day management of the organization and whose Chief Executive Officer is the Executive Secretary. The organization has human resource manual as well as financial regulations and accounting procedures which both serve for a precise personnel and financial management and administration. However, TAMA has three signatories to its bank account and the Executive Secretary keeps truck of all project funds. Above all, the community is fully involved in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all its projects.