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Alliance for social elevation is equipped with a strong board of directors with diverse qualifications, experience and professions. We have a team of highly equipped motivated full time staff, including a board of 8 members, other staff includes;
Field staff (30 coordinators)

Full time staff (6 people )
Central Executive Officer
Project manager
Training Officer
Loan Officer

Governing Body

Governing body of AHLIDEI consists of 7 active and highly experienced people with rural development skills. Governing body members have over 10 years’ experience in the rural field with national and international exposure. This body is here in order to:-

(a). Setting the policy for the organization. This is done by:

Creating or updating the mission and vision statements
Determining the organization’s programs and services.

Approving the strategic plan.

(b). Monitoring the organization’s operations:

Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s Program Director.

Working with and providing support to the executive.
Approving the annual budget, annual report, etc.
Approving major contracts and grants.
Soliciting and reviewing program evaluations.

(c). Serving as a public figure for the organization

Fundraising, by directly donating to the non-profit and soliciting donations from others.
Advocating for the organization. (d). Fulfilling other board responsibilities
Documenting policies and decisions to create an organizational memory.
Preparing for and attending board meetings.
Researching and discussing issues before decisions are made.
Replacing and orienting board members when a vacancy arises.
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