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it helps those who live in difficult life especially orphan,disable and streetchildren through sports -provides education about terrible diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria -provides education of lifeskills. AIMS Educate societies and communities through seminars,workshops,conferences,demonstration,discussion through Arts and sports for the development of the society other aims: ensure that we join together and getting strength so that to work together for the sake of eliminating,abolish and to fight against poverty. -making teen awareness and provides right decision to the society. -esteblish various duties and programmes so that youth can be identified and understand the country and the Worldwidely so as to build up strong respect and cooperation among us and other nations _provides aid and help for the community which surrounded us. -to be on frontline in order to fight against terrible diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria etc. -to speak onbehalf of those weakers and provoke against descrimination and racial segregation wether can be gender or tribes,colour etc. -prepare the programme of helping disabilities such as orphans,streetchildren,elders,widows and handcapped.
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