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Your organization's website can be written in whatever language you want. However, more people will be able to read your website if it is translated into their language. 

On Envaya, it is easy to translate any page on your website into another language.

After you publish a page written in one language, change Envaya to use another language using the Language drop-down menu at the top of the page. Then, click Edit translations, as shown below:

If there is more than one translation on that page, Envaya will list all the text that can be translated on that page, along with the current translation. Click on the translation you want to edit. 

Then, you can edit the translation in the other language. Click the Submit translation button when you are finished to publish the translation to your website. 

Other people who visit your website can also help translate your website into different languages. However, any translations submitted by other people must be approved by you or an administrator before they are published and visible on your website.

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