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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

Advise to you regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
TEHDSO is assisting the WHO and the Tanzania Government to make an
individual be aware of the Coronavirus disease, People are dying and
still an infection spreading all over the World, this disease is
making the World to unite instead of separating, and we advise all
people and all countries to unite on fighting with the disease but not
fighting against one another.
Here are some advise for you so as we can reduce the spreading of the
disease and if possible to reduce the severity of the disease:
1. Everyone must now stay at home except in exceptional circumstances.

2. Keeping 2 metres apart from other people and washing your hands as
soon as you touch anything.

3. Self-isolating or following the shielding guidance, then continue
following those rules,staying at home and avoiding all face-to-face
contact for at least 12 weeks.

4.Do not go to a surgery, pharmacy or hospital if you have coronavirus
symptoms even if you have an appointment. Call through emergency call
in your country.
5. Talk to your medical practitioner or clinician to ensure you
continue to receive the care you need and consider whether
appointments can be postponed.

6. Dont go to traditional healers once you have Coronavirus disease symptoms.

7. Educate your neighbor and the community, since this is the task of
every individual not only the government task.

8. Use protective gears mentioned by your Government and Minstry of Health of your country

Lets work together on TEHDSO slogan "Prepare people on Health and
Environmental conservation for future and productive community"

You might be feeling worried and anxious about coronavirus and how it
might affect you or your family and friends.
We know this could be a stressful time, so you may need support with
how you’re feeling.

NB: Do not forget caring or supporting the Disabled, (Elders, the most group said to be more affected), Orphans, the Poor, Street Children etc, all these kind of people do need assistance from you directly or indirectly, in kind support or educational support. Take your time to deal with Coronavirus because if you educate one people or one group of people you educate the community, and once you prevent one people or one group you prevent the community from acquiring the infection including yourself. Remember Coronavirus Disease is one of the MOST killer disease in the World.

(Dealing against Coronavirus is one battle but HIV and AIDS is another battle, don't forget HIV and AIDS)
We thank you for fighting against Coronavirus and make sure you give
education even to one people every minute even through the internet.                  

Lets fight together and our Almighty God will enables us win the fight.

                                   Thanks for your response on Fighting against Coronavirus.

Dr Joseph Musagasa,
Executive Director,
TEHDSO, Mwanza-Tanzania (E.A)

April 1
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