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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

A school girl at Kurukerege Primary School living in Kurukerege village, Musoma Rural Mara region Tanzania. The girl was visited by TEHDSO leaders in 2016 at school and his family when conducting baseline survey for pupils with disability against their physical, mental awareness v/v school situation and academic performance and their social interactions and acceptance in the community and family. The girl is attending to school with many difficulties compared with other pupil who has no disability. His performance sometimes is interrupted with his disability. His family is poor.This girl had injection doses of quinine and been injected in a buttock,few days later a girl started experiencing severe leg pain which radiated to toes of his leg,then the leg started becoming weak.This condition prevented a girl to attend to school for some days.Later on the toes became with tinglings and numbness and the toes started becoming shorter with wound formation,then the wound healed but the toes are still atrophying and the limb moves with gate and is becoming shorter and still has persistency of limb pain.

This girl is looking for support from anybody or any institution for medical check up and treatment,school materials,food and transport.We humbly admire your support,thank you.

May 1, 2018
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