Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

        I.    Identity

UVUKITWE is a registered   organization of the youth   Volunteering for the improvement of health of the youth in Tanzania with respect to gender.   UVIKITWE   was established in 1999 and formally   registered in 2003 as a non - governmental organization that dose note   operate for profile. UVIKITWE has a formal mandate to work anywhere in Tanzania to fulfill its goals . As for now, UVIKITWE’S head office is in Kinondoni District in Dar es salaam. UVIKITWE’s year starts in July and end in June


                                 UVIKITWE’s   CORE VALUES

We embrace and encourage respect for diversity in our organization and among our partners. This includes actively promoting human rights , adolescent girls and boys, those who is living with HIV/AIDS, indigenous people, migrant men and women, sex workers, poverty, women from ethnic or religious minorities, and people with disabilities.

We are open to bold, innovative strategies, responsive to changing circumstances, ready to take advantage of strategic opportunities, and prepared to share the risks inherent in the work of resisting and transforming oppressive structures and systems.

We are dedicated to forging collaborative partnerships with donors, grantees, and other organizations in order to achieve shared goals.

We are committed to being accountable, evaluating and communicating the outcomes of our grant making, and to sharing what we have learned about doing successful social justice philanthropy.

We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in people's lives and to inspire others to join us in this work and contribute to it financially.