Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Dar-es-salaam,Kinondoni Hananasif, Tanzania

The mission of our organization is no more controlling pollution but are prevention and conservation of our Environment and provide education to the local government staffs,primary teachers concerning Global warming and climate change and general environmental degradation,advice the Governmental concerning environmental sustainable economy and poverty alleviation,wilderness conservation,cultural conservation.The organization also established The Institute of Research and Environmental Quality on which its duties are to do Research,collect data,education on the vital issue of Global Warming and Climate change.
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Unwise implementation and also without looking forward will lead our vital Economy down.I,m saying that due to the desruction of our resources.Do not allow or give legal document to hunt and Kill wild animals for short term profit.We need sustainable and long term profit.We advice our Government[Tanzania] to stop... Soma ibindi
25 Mutarama, 2012
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"why floods happening"?Population growth,clearing of all vegetation [glasses,forest and other green]will make the water absobers [soil] to be more compact and uneasy to get through to the water table.So we destroy water cycle[hydrology].That floods did not start from Dar but all way from Morogoro and some Pwani Region... Soma ibindi
19 Mutarama, 2012
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Pollution Control Agency Technician Mr Ludigo Mhagama present 500 trees to the Hananasif primary school teacher during the campaign of Reduction of Carbon dioxide[Climate change and Global warming tragedy] ,which held on 1997. Soma ibindi
30 Ugushyingo, 2011
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Global warming and climate change are caused by our bad behaviour against nature.And The Government of Republican of Tanzania is also responsible for allowing and granted permit for loggers.Also by unwise Government leaders to force land owner [villagers]to clear vichaka.If they did not do that will take over the land.We need smart leaders now.... Soma ibindi
29 Ugushyingo, 2011
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Professional hunting is not solution to the economy of Tanzania.We need to focus on green economy.which means no selling ,no professional hunting toward wildlife.We have an example of extinction of rhino.We used to have more rhinoceros.Now, no more into our wilderness.But thanks God we got few from south africa.Global economy depend resources... Soma ibindi
9 Nyakanga, 2010
Pollution Control Agency[poca] yasanze Envaya.
23 Kamena, 2010
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Dar-es-salaam,Kinondoni Hananasif, Dar es Salaam, Tanzaniya
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