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Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Dar-es-salaam,Kinondoni Hananasif, Tanzania

Professional hunting is not solution to the economy of Tanzania.We need to focus on green economy.which means no selling ,no professional hunting toward wildlife.We have an example of extinction of rhino.We used to have more rhinoceros.Now, no more into our wilderness.But thanks God we got few from south africa.Global economy depend resources from the bank known as "Environment".As long we destroy and degrade it ,it mean no more sustainable economy to our world.These wildlife put to work many people worldwide.example ,those who working and guide the tourist,flight industries,hotels,those who make documentaries,stores selling documentaries and e.t.c.So now we do not need destructive economist but green economist to advice and run our government[Tanzania].We inherent health environment and we are going to leave it more health than we got it.By [Ludigo Mhagama,poca environmentalist and adviser]
July 9, 2010
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