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Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Pollution Control Agency[poca]

Dar-es-salaam,Kinondoni Hananasif, Tanzania

Unwise implementation  and also without looking forward will lead our vital Economy down.I,m saying that due to the desruction of our resources.Do not allow or give legal document to hunt  and Kill wild animals for short term profit.We need sustainable and long term profit.We advice our Government[Tanzania] to stop  giving legal hunting document to the companies here.Killing of wild animals for economic growth is unwise and will lead to destroy our sustainable resources.We need good constitution.Our economy growth depend resources from the Bank known as" Environmental".Also do not sell wild animals, let tourists come here and leave money .Do not build hotels inside the national park.We do not want another city inside the national park[sudden city].Good constitution is very important now,in order to prevent our resources from depletion.We need Green and sustainable economists now  days,not those who deplete our resources for economic growth.KATIBA,KATIBA,KATIBA NI MUHIMU SANA WATANZANIA.TOENI MAWAZO MAZURI KWENYE KATIBA ILI KULINDA MALI ASILI YETU .MUNGU IBARIKI TANZANIA.

January 25, 2012
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