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Kigoma Disabled Survival Group

Kigoma Disabled Survival Group

Kigoma, Tanzania

The executive committee met on Sunday, 21st October, 2012 for a normal meeting at which the Treasurer, ndugu Gaston Mbanguka presented income and expenditure report of the organisation.  He said that the ongoing office building project will need a good amount so that to be finished earlier.  He provided tactics of fund raising in order to ancomplish the project which will help to show the image of the organisation.

Members of executive committee had time to observe for a building photos those showed the level at which it has reached.

Strategic plan

The project coordinator, ndugu Gaspar Ntabaye presented a report on the five year strategic plan which starts on 2013 - 2017 and its budget which seem to be a good stand for the development of the disabled and the organisation.  In the strategic the coordinator said that there will be research on poverty issues of the disables and that there will be buiding a disabled resource centre.  Other plans are lobbying and advocacy, education of primary helth for the disabled and economic empowerment for the people with disabilities in Kigoma region.

In attaining the objectives, he said that the internal and foreign partinership will be needed.

The meeting also nominated Mr. Michael Rubasha to be a Patron of the organisation.  Mr Rubasha is a medical doctor at Baptist district hopital in Kigoma/Ujiji Municipality.

October 28, 2012
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Nile River Forum (Kigoma) said:
I appreciate envaya for their work
October 20, 2017

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