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Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Tanzania Environmental, Health and Disability Services Organization

Mwanza, Tanzania

Our programs include Social Services, Environment, Health and Education.

1. Environmental Conservation Program


1.1 Activities conducted include:-

  1. Tree planting campaign (tree nursery raising and distribution to the communities) for carbon offset and environmental conservation
  2. Cleanliness campaign programs into cities.

2. Health Program

2.1 Activities conducted include:-

  1. Conduct health training in churches, schools, colleges and community centers through “Prepare people on health for future and productive community program” that focus on communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  2. Visiting the disabled and severely or terminally ill patients and provision of support. These include but not limited to counselling, clothes, food, medicine and nutrition supplements.
  3. Conduct health education and counseling to people facing psychological and physical problems.
  4. Promote voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), HIV testing and counseling.
  5. Create awareness to schooling youth concerning reproductive health, puberty and the likely dangers including sexual behavior, drug abuse, female genital mutilation and the use of family planning to prevent un-intended pregnancies and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

  1. . Vocational training and job creation program.

    3.1 Activities conducted include:-

                 i.        Training the youth on entrepreneurship skills (children and adults including young female adolescents and women)

               ii.        Provision of credit services/ revolving fund for entrepreneurial activities

              iii.        Conducting the ICT training

              iv.        Conduct youth awareness meeting under the facilitation of professional, inspirational speakers and experienced trainers.

     4. Women’s empowerment program

    4.1 Activities conducted include:-

                 i.        Conduct training on Women empowerment programs.eg. Group formation, Management, Financial records and management etc.

               ii.        Provision of credit services/ revolving fund for income generating activities.

     5. Orphans and Vulnerable Children support program. 

    Through “Watoto wetu Program” (Our children program), the organization provides support to the children’s into the areas of education and health care. Activities conducted include:-

         i.        Distribution of school uniforms, shoes and supplies (exercise books, pen, pencils)

        ii.        Payment for medical cost.

       iii.        Conduct training on psychosocial problem.

       iv.        Conduct counseling on youth behavior change and communicable diseases eg. HIV/AIDS, Sexual Transmitted diseases, early pregnancy etc.

    6. Program for the disabled, sick people and people living with HIV/AIDS

    6.1 Activities conducted include:-

         i.        Conduct local fundraising in churches (monetary and in-kind contribution eg. clothes, sheets, shoes etc) and distribute to the people of needy especially disabled, sick people and people living with HIV/AIDS.

        ii.        Distribution of derivable contributions for the targeted group

       iii.        Support with wheelchairs and tricycles for disabled.

     7. Nursery and Day Care center Program

    7.1 Activities conducted include:-

         i.        Teaching children living with HIV/ AIDS(CHAs) and OVCs

        ii.        Counseling, treatment and guidance

       iii.        Computer skills training, creativity and innovation.

       iv.        Music dance, Drama, sports

        v.        Art work eg. Drawing, colouring etc.