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Tanzania Sports and Culture Consultant Organization

Tanzania Sports and Culture Consultant Organization

MISUNGWI, Tanzania

Empower youth to succed through culture and sports promotion in Tanzania.


The meeting point for sports and culture consultant empowerment and education based on African traditional. Down of impediments and obstacles it creates linkages with sports and culture professional, people and sources of information



  • To create an international and national meeting point for cultures and sports practitioner, starting with Mwanza and the whole Tanzania and east African community.


  • To strengthen and empower practitioners and foster culture and sports activities


  • To discuss issues that TASCCO working with such as health, environment, artistic skills, human rights, gender in sports and culture


  • To become an easily accessible source of know- how in our field [culture and sports]
  • To empower, preservation of tradition ecological knowledge [TEK] for community health   conservation of indigenous trees for community health and sustainable future.


  • To receive volunteers from other countries for the intention of promoting culture and sports talents identification and development,      

Organize seminars; workshop and conference on culture and sports and related subjects


  • Raise education performance increase performance rates ,lower crime levels associated with cultural believes and improve standard of health self esteem interpersonal shells and employ ability on social cohesion by encouraging people to celebrate new own culture.
  • To organize research, knowledge gaps and useful lesson for scaling up strategies for sustainable sports and culture e sector.



Presently we are team of 25 people, coordinator in our respective regaining co-operation with other culture and sports professional we aim to empower our culture and sports development, maintain TASCCO and galleries focus to provide constant stimulation to our Tanzanian artist.


Tanzania artist and foreign artist may apply their knowledge critical thinking writing and communication skill by contributing to the executions of TASCCO catalogs and other publication.


Artist may also pursue research opportunities with areas rich histories and cultural resources, volunteer several TASCCO’S program based on empowering inter culture relation for six months.



Volunteer Aid program Tanzania aim to support local youth clubs in lake zone and the whole country to maximize their involvement for sports development the main objective of organizing culture and sports development in Tanzania sports program will includes coaching to the beginners, making sports team ,making sports ground , repairing sports ground teaching sports technique to children as well as youth.

TASCCO intends to acquire as significant collection of more than 700 painting, drawing and paints representing Tanzania, African traditional .Artist and other countries world wide from 18 centuries up to now.

The collection will support development of Tanzania and African art.

Visitors may explore the rich artisan and cultural traditions of Tanzania, African arts and world in general.

Painting artist will be encouraged to approach galleries about exhibiting their work and submit their work to TASCCO exhibitions and competitions. and the artist will be also to attend the TASCCO’S artist conference to make professional contacts and seek organizational level training opportunities and other work qualified will be regularly r published in new African painting an opportunities to international volunteer for understanding sukuma culture and other Tanzanian culture.

If you are interested in doing research work in lake zone about people’s, culture, society, development, education health, gender , history, human right, law ecology social conflict, peace process .TASCCO is here with your research programs based on specifically designed for interested researcher, university students, they can participate in this program in different sectors, student who are studying theoretical subjects or going to obtain university degree can be a part of our research program. This program provides an opportunities to gain new experience and knowledge related to the subjects this program divided into two types one is who interested to do research in Tanzania can do research project and the other one who have to do research on internships according to their university to obtain





The organization intents to operates centre for the health and well being of all people members and non members of the organization the fitness centre will be managed by a full time director with addition staff, instructors who will provide consultation on health and fitness .Session with a personal trainer may be arranged by appointment for those interested in developing a personalized fitness training program with regular assessment of progress and goals. The fitness centre will be opening.


Share our Happiness with native sukuma culture community in lugeye.

Experience sukuma total way of living practical in one well company; experience shikome [evening campfire] how it used as training institution, institution tools transfer knowledge. The cultural center in lug eye will give opportunity to visitors to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of native sukuma, see traditional iron smith onstage and how the knowledge improved also acquire the information about different use of varieties of indigenous plants from the LAKE ZONE BOTANICAL PARK STUDIES so as to promote efforts of preserving endangered species.





Sukuma cultural management structure


The cultural centre are managed under executive board officers consist of chief general secretary, treasure, education awareness coordinative matron; patron; your leader, elder leader public relations coordinator communication service coordinator language coordinator dance coordinator and tribal affiliation coordinator and other members who value sukuma culture and like to leave about specific of native sukuma history


 liesen/elizabeth, with trainer from TASCCO program  lucas showing how to beat the drum fo the sukuma dance after explaining the dance profile,training young youth during weekend after school activities so Tascco is using the opportunity of extra cullicum to enherit sukuma cultural dance.




Through Tanzania folk Artist and multicultural education program [TAFAME] the TASCCO folklore project places exceptional local for the artist in school and community residence with young people around Mwanza .As the relevance and impact of arts education becomes better appreciation it is important to remember that art also includes significant for his taught outside school and academies .TAFAME gives student and teacher a chance to understand the ways in which culturally grounded arts are taught preserved and used


TAFAME will provide to young people a chance to explore a wide range of world artistic tradition with all arts with a special cultural relevance to youth and adults, through TAFAME young people will be able to promote and develop their artistic skills and capacity also to form and create culturally powerfully art traditions and form long-term relation ships with individuals who are powerfully, role models, and to understand the cultural and social contexts of some of the diverse arts now in Mwanza region.

  • Also through the program artist will develop relationships across different communities and cultures, TASCCO folklore  

Project staffs will coordinate the program, provide support and mentoring to artists, develop resources and educational tools for educators and community agency staff, monitor the project, develop assessment techniques and facilitate a range of culminating performances for family friends and community members.


  • To create programs which connect schools to their communities or which help deepen communities’ relationships within different neighborhoods.
  • To integrate folk arts education opportunities into existing structure.
  • To establish long-term on going free and accessible arts education opportunities for young people in their own neighborhoods.
  • To give young people opportunities to relationships with artists who can serve as mentors and role models, and whose life experiences can broaden their world.
  • To support art making by young people in diverse cultural traditions as a way of helping young people to understand the logic, values and aesthetic of other cultures and their own.
  • To creates opportunities for artist to work the children, to pass on tradition, to develop relationships in communities and to make a livable wage to the talented artist.
  • To raise the consciousness of pupils, students, school and community members of human right to culture, and the complexities surrounding cultural maintenance and equity.


Tanzania arts and crafts go right back to prehistoric era this is well illustrated in cave paintings of kondoa irangi, further evidence is clearly shown in the pottery industry of the past, iron industry also thrived in various parts of the country artists and craftsmen of all ages interpret the story of mans life and his attempt to master hi/her environment and make his living more comfortable.

The program will give impression to the indigenous person that works of traditional art and crafts, the artists and ’society’s art craft climate has taken a new face. the TAFAME need to play a great role in regaining our lost pride and national identity in order to ensure success in 2011 TASCCO need to establish TAFAME [Tanzania folk artist and multicultural education.]



To provide a platform for new and established artist to promote sales of their arts, while concurrently providing the business with steady stream of the revenues and profits which will allow the business to expands to a national wide level so as to provide support and contribute to the community of artists and crafters by offering quality artistic work.


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Tanzania Sports and Culture Consultant Organization updated its Projects page.
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MISUNGWI, Mwanza, Tanzania
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