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Shaloom Care House (SCH)

Shaloom Care House (SCH)

MWANZA, Tanzania



Shaloom Care House is a centre for HIV/AIDS activities supported by the Health Department of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mwanza. It is a Faith Based Organization relying mostly on private donor assistance and support. The organization was established in 1992 under the Archdiocese’s HIV program following the 1987 declaration of the Tanzania Bishops Conference (TEC) to combat HIV/AIDS. The main service area is Mwanza City specifically Ilemela district.

There is provision of services for all, regardless of creed, nationality, tribe or colour. The communities are reached through linkages with government leaders at all levels and collaboration with various NGOs, government groups, volunteer groups and donors both within and outside the country.

In 1996, Shaloom extended services by establishing a specific unit for youth to help local Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). OVC registered at Shaloom receive psychosocial support, health care, education and legal support.



Vision Statement

A community free of poverty and HIV/AIDS,   and that respects, promotes and protects human rights including caring people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


Mission Statement

To bring a positive change in the lives of orphans and most vulnerable children and People Living with HIV/AIDS through improving quality of their life and socio-well being and facilitating the communities to provide care to OVC and PLHA and recognize the needs and rights of those already affected by HIV/AIDS”


Core Values OF SHALOOM


Shaloom is guided by a central belief that reducing the spread HIV/AIDS and its impact on the livelihood of people is extremely important in helping AIDS-related orphans and PLHA and their poor families to meet their fundamental rights and needs and become good members of the society.




Current Activities

Shaloom Care House provides essential services to residents of Ilemela. The center provides direct support to People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). For PLHIV, the center works through a network of community volunteers to provide HIV testing, home based care, care and treatment services, medicine and necessary health foods to combat opportunistic infections. These services have been available since 1992.



Services provided by Shaloom Care House are;


q        Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV

q        Home based care services, home visits and visiting patients in hospitals

q        Treatment of opportunistic infections to people living with HIV/AIDS

q        Educational Support and care for AIDS- related orphans and vulnerable children this includes pre primary education (preparatory education to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), school supplies, Uniforms, school fees and there is resource centre to provide conducive environment for learning.

q        Conductive behavioural change seminars and vocational training to out of school orphans such as carpentry and tailoring

q        Food and nutrition support to people living with HIV/AIDS

q        Material support to people living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related Orphans

q        Formation and co-ordination of support groups, post test clubs, income generating groups and Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) for people living with HIV/AIDS and Orphans and Vulnerable children

q        Provision of ARV (antiretroviral drugs), care and clinical treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS

q        Patient referral to regional hospital for further care and treatment