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Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The establishment of the organisation reflect back to two individuals,Mr Julius Muungano and the late Venance Joseph who were inspired to support in and out of school youths who were performing badly in their studies due to poor background of english.In 1990s Mr Julius Muungano and Mr Venance Joseph were teaching at different vocational training institution but they were experiencing the same problem of failure of their students to understand well what they were teaching.In their processes of thinking of the intervention,they found that the problem has an implication to education for self-reliance which is the philosophy of the founder of the nation Mwalimu J.k Nyerere.They conceived the idea of establishing an organisation that could strenghen their english language capability on way to advocating for education for self-reliance to be practiced,the idea which they shared with their close friends and collegues who supported and developed it to the stage of processing of the registration of the organisation.The organisation started to operate in 1998 and in 2000 it was registered under the societies ordinance with registration number SO.NO.10321 founded by ten members and in 2010 it complied with NGOs Act, 2002 with compliance certificate No.00001378.

The organisation started to operate in Dar Es Salaam and in 2004 it opened the branch in Songea district of Ruvuma region and in 2006 it opened the branch in Bukombe district of Shinyanga region.

Among the achievements of which the members of PELO are proud of is running the organisation since when it was established until 2009 without depending from donations.It was the strategy of the members of the organisations to use their teaching expertise and their own resources for conducting the activities until when the organisation members will have something to show to development stakeholders that they have done with their own efforts.This "means of achievement"strategy drove the members to conduct trainings for mobilizing resources until 2009 when they started to seek for donors for its programs.

The other achievements is to be a member of district and national networks.PELO is not only an ordinary  member but also a founder member.It participated fully to found the Songea Network of Non-Government Organisations (SONNGO) in Ruvuma region and Bukombe Non-Government Organisations (BUNGONET) in Shinyanga region.PELO is an active member of national coalitions which are Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (www.tenmet.org) and Policy Forum (www.policyforum.or.tz).PELO to be a National coalition member of Global Campaign for Education (GCE) whereby it have been actively participating on preparation of Global week of Action (GWA).Our recent achievement was the incidence of the government department to purchase our road safety publication.In august to october 2009 we were invited by the Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) to participate on national road safety week whereby his office purchased 100 copies of our road safety publication and The Executive Director of Kahama district council purchased 99 copies for the council drivers.