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Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Promotion of Education Link Organisation (PELO)

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


                                                  TUMLINDE PROGRAM

GOAL: To empower local communities to strengthen the protection of children from VENAH (Violence, Exploitation, Neglect, Abuse and Harm) within their families and communities.


Objective1: Formal and informal community-based mechanisms for child protection strengthened in the targeted communities..


(i) Child Protection Ambassadors who are capacitated to coordinate and support child protection efforts

(ii) Community members use reports and information from Child Help Desks located in established child protection zones for child protection incidents

(iii) Duty bearers have the capacity to effectively prevent and respond to child protection incidents


Objective 2: Reduction in harmful practices, which violate the protective rights of children.


(i) Through Child Protection Seminar Series, community members are educated on child protection issues and children’s rights

(ii) Through Child Protection Ambassadors’ Networks (CPANs) community members are mobilized for social change to reduce harmful practices


Objective 3: Equitable access to formal and informal child protection services, especially for the most vulnerable.


(i) Through Child Protection Ambassadors- Albinism stream, households of people with albinism are supported with early preventive interventions

(ii) Child Protection Ambassadors’ Networks (CPANs) support children at risk and VENAH victims

(iii) Most vulnerable children and their families partner with Child Protection Ambassadors’ Networks (CPANs) to advocate for access and improved services

(iv) Income for supporting VENAH victims is generated through Care givers and CPANs Loan and Saving Associations.

Objective 4: Girls and boys, especially the most vulnerable, have increased resilience, life skills and capacity for self-protection and protection of others from VENAH.


(i) Interschool sports competitions capacitate children at school to implement life skills and talent building approaches for self-protection and protection of others against VENAH

(ii) Anti VENAH clubs at schools capacitate children especially the most vulnerable to have opportunities to participate in decision making

(iii) Through Child Protection Ambassadors- School pregnancies stream, child girls at school are equipped with techniques to avoid early pregnancies and engagement of teachers and other community members on sexual practices with child girls are reported through Child Help Desks in schools.

(iii) Child driven livestock keeping projects in schools