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Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

songea,mabatini street/mtaa, Tanzania

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Success story one:

  • We planned most of the beneficiaries of the IGA project in Madaba and Lilondo to start getting products after three months especially who decided to deal with chickens, piggery, goats and gardening programs. It is different to some of the beneficiaries where during Monitoring time we made 20 of the beneficiaries in these months we have noticed that some of them used part of the funds to buy pregnant Pigs

Instead of buying piglets (aged 2-3 months). The situation has made them to get crops few weeks after receiving loan. One of those beneficiaries who have managed to get the miracle is  Bibi Elizabeth Sanga(70) caring 6 MVC living in Njegea Hamlets in  Madaba village.


After receiving loan, bibi Sanga decided to use the fund to buy one pregnant pig valuing Tsh.50, 000 the remaining funds Tsh.25, 000 used to buy feeds and medicine. After 4 weeks Sanga managed to get  4  healthy  piglets (three female and 1 male) which she expect to earn over Tsh.100,000 from selling the four piglets in  coming 1 ½ months from  now. In her own words Sanga said:


“From being having nothing to own I am now owning 5 pigs valuing over Tsh.150,000, I feel very proud in front of my fellows and community at large, I am sure that any problem which may face my family will be easily solved even if I don’t have money. People may trust me to support or to give me a loan as they are sure that I will be able to pay and if not they can take part of it. 


Success story two:

Ambrose Malekela (70 years) caring 3 MVC, one is in Secondary school (Wino Secondary School) and two are in Primary schools. Malekela is living at Lilondo Village in Wino ward from Songea District Council in Ruvuma region.


Lilondo Madaba,

Tel. 0755091261 (Prosper Malekela -Ambrose’s son)


 Malekela is among 151 MVC care givers benefiting from SATF IGA support (SATF Community Empowerment Support) since September 2009. Malekela received Tsh.75, 000 as a loan for gardening project soon after receiving IGA training. He used the fund to buy Insecticides, fungicides and part of it he used to pay casual labor for cultivation and weeding ½ an acre of Tomatoes Field.  

  Two days training seminar on IGA conducted before receiving loan enabled Mr. Malekela to use skills acquired to diversify his projects aiming at minimizing risks during running the projects. In January-February 2010 Malekela managed to harvest and sell Tomatoes Valuing Tsh.250, 000 which he spends in the following ways: Tsh.150, 000 used to buy a bull, Tsh.60, 000 he used to pay School Fees to his Grand son known as Jackson Malekela Form Four Schooling at Wino Secondary School and Tsh. 40,000 is supporting ½ an acre of Tomatoes project.


 In his own words Mr. Ambrose Said: “The support we are receiving from SATF is real enabling us to do what we could not do before. Most of people in Lilondo are keeping dairy cattle. The majority of them owning cows (female cattle) but not bulls (male cattle). Due to this fact they are used to hire bulls for mating purpose from others within the village and outside the village. They use to pay Tsh.10, 000 per Cow. I have found this can be other good businesses I can do including my gardening work. After earning Tsh.250, 000 from tomatoes sells I decided to buy one bull for hiring purposes. To date I have already earned Tsh.30, 000 from a bull hiring. Also I have cultivated ½ an acre for Tomatoes which I expect to earn more than Tsh.250, 000.  We wish SATF will continue supporting us more”.