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Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled

songea,mabatini street/mtaa, Tanzania




P.o.Box 517, Songea-Ruvuma, Tanzania, East Africa, Land line: +255252600958,Fax.+255 252600958,


Mobile +255 754 653942, padijune1999@yahoo.com and E-mail: padi_msigwa@yahoo.com, www.envaya.org/padi or www.padi.or.tz





Tanzania mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)  formally known as Ruvuma Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)  was established  on 17th June 1999 and registered  as an NGO on 22nd November 1999 with  registration certificate No. So: 10140.  On the 3rd September 2008 PADI Complied under the NGO Act (2002) and received registration No. 0795.  To date the organization has a total number of 300 members, of whom 113 are male and 187 female. PADI mainly deals with water wells construction, provision of entrepreneurship skills, loans to small businesses and farmers, HIV/AIDS and older people, revolving animal schemes and sensitizing communities to support vulnerable older people (OP), disabled and poor at a grassroots level for the purpose of poverty alleviation in rural and urban areas. PADI is operating nationally and its head office is located in Songea Municipal depot near Angaza office in Ruvuma with one sub- office at Njombe Town,Mbinga and Namtumbo.PADI is an Affilate of Help Age International.


v           Disabled people,

v           Vulnerable elderly people

v           Poor people at grass root level


v           Loans provision,

v            Improving water supply in areas where there is no tap water or bore hole,

v           Basic needs to Older people and disabled

v           Educating Community on importance of supporting Marginalized groups, age Care Education,

v           HIV/AIDS and Health education to older people.


OPERATIONAL AREA: Rural and Urban areas in Tanzania.


v           Entry and annual fees from members,

v           Voluntary contributions from other stakeholders,

v           Donations from charitable organizations, private companies and other donors,

v            Grants or subsidies from the Government,

v            Income generating activities done by PADI.


AFFILIATION /MEMBERSHIP: PADI is linked to Local and National and International NGOs.

v           TANGO -Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organization since 2000,

v           Songea Older Persons Forum (SOPF) since 2001

v            TEN/MET –Tanzania Education Network since  2001

v           SONNGO- Songea Network of Non- Governmental Organization since 2003

v            Peer Water Exchange/Blue Planet Run Foundation (BPRF) water focused organization since July. 2008

 PADI is an affiliate member of Help Age International since October 2011

 v  PADI is a member and host of Tanzania Social Protection Network (TSPN) since 2010

1.11 Experiences In Projects Implementations:

Our organization is expertise in various areas. The main areas being health and nutrition. Other areas are agriculture, entrepreneurship, community development, lobbying and advocacy as shown below:

a)      For 16 years now PADI is implementing a micro-credit scheme which started with 10 beneficiaries in year 2000 to over 1500 beneficiaries to date, funded by Help Age International, Cord Aid, SATF and PADI members (valuing Tsh. 90 million).

b)      From May 2013 to June 2015 PADI is implementing PAMOJA TUWALEE project in Namtumbo district financed by PACT Country Office Valuing Tsh.180 million (USAID funded project), the project is supporting the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and ECD.

c)      From July 2014 to 2017 PADI is implementing a project named as Reducing poverty by improving the health of older people in Africa” funded by Help Age International/UK AID with total budget of Tsh.540 million

d)      PADI is implementing a project known as “Increased capacity of women and men to access legal right services in Wanging’ombe, Makete and Ludewa districts” in Njombe 2014-2016 funded by Legal Service Facilities(LSF) with valuing Tsh.300 million

e)      From 2009-2011 PADI implemented the project known as “Improved access To Health Rights and Entitlements to older People and their dependants ”funded by Cord Aid and Help Age International valuing Tsh. 763 Million.

f)       From 2003 to date PADI has constructed 73 improved traditional water wells in Songea Municipality in three peripheral wards and 8 bore holes in 8 schools. In total the project is benefiting more than 17,000 people including school children. The project was funded by Run for Africa from USA, Peace Corps, Help Age International and Blue Planet Run Foundation (BPRF). Through the project, school children were able to access safe and clean water, saved time at the same time start vegetable gardening which is now flourishing production around the schools, managed to establish and plant trees and flowers around schools and other sources of water. Water has made the construction of school buildings easier compared to the time when there was no water at the schools, (costing over Tsh. 80 million)

g)      From May 2012 to Sept.2013 PADI implemented a project known as ‘’Reducing New HIV infection among MARPS’’ Peramiho-Mbinga road junction.funded by FHI360 valuing about Tsh.106 million

h)      From 2012 to date is PADI is implementing COMMIT Project (malaria program in Ruvuma-Songea Municipality) funded by Johns Hope kings University (JHU)) a project Valuing over Tsh.23 Million (USAID funded project)

i)        From October 2010 to September 2012 PADI also implemented COMMIT Project as a Regional Fund Holder (RFH) funded PSI-Tanzania valuing Tsh. 106, 313, 862 the project was implemented in 4 districts in Ruvuma region including Mbinga, Namtumbo, Sonea Rural and Tunduru working with 4 CBOs (one from each district (USAID funded project)

j)        From 2006 to 2008 PADI implemented a project known as Older people securing their services delivery entitlements as stipulated under MKUKUTA in Songea Municipality at Mshangano ward funded by The Foundation for Civil Society through Help Age International. Over 1000 people benefited from the project including over 400 older people (Costs Tsh. 32 million).

k)      During the same period (2006 - 2008), PADI managed a revolving goat project benefiting over 7000 direct beneficiaries (2000 older people, 5000 OVC) and over 18,000 people are indirect beneficiaries covering 13 wards out of 40 wards in three councils (Namtumbo, Songea Rural and Songea Municipal). The project was confounded by EU AND Help Age International (with value of about Tsh.140 Million).

l)        Revolving poultry scheme from 12 beneficiaries in 2001 to more than 500 beneficiaries in 2013 Funded by HAIT and PADI members (value of the project investment, Tsh. 2 million)

m)   From 2003 to date PADI has conducted HIV/AIDS prevention education to older people in Bombambili, Matimira, Litisha, Gumbiro,Maposeni, and Tanga wards. During this period over 13000 (7000 women and 6000 men ) people have benefited from the program (90 older people caring for OVC were provided with food stuffs, 122 older people trained as peer educators, 226 HIV/AIDS Mitaa and villages committees and community at large were trained on HIV/AIDS prevention. PADI also collected data on older people and those caring for OVCs in the Bombambili and Tanga wars. We reported 408 older people and 403 orphaned children cared for by older people in these two wards. The project has created awareness to older people other stakeholders on how people can prevent themselves from HIV/AIDS infection where by 7000 people out of 13000 people have benefited from HBC education. the project was funded by Regional Facilitating Agency (RFA), Help Age International / Rapid Funding Envelope (RFE),Songea District Council Valuing Tsh.48 million)

n)      From 2000 to date PADI managed to provide support to 17 disabled school children. The support included 4 wheel chairs, uniforms, matrices, food stuffs and scholastic materials funded by Birgita Skoog, PADI members and Magreth Mkanga (MP),SATF and CRDB Bank Valuing Tsh.3 million.

  • PADI has managed to provide various forms of support to 50 vulnerable older people. The support included 50 matrices, 50 blankets, food stuffs, 16 new houses built and over 10,000 older people and their families registered for Community Health Fund (CHF) to access free medical services for 8 years funded by Help Age International.

p)      Older People data collection in 71 wards in Songea District Council funded by Songea District Council, Tsh. 3.4 million


q)      Established HIV/AIDS OP Peer educators in 3 wards, Ndongosi, Mpitimbi and Magagura at Tsh. 3 million cost, funded by Songea District Council, 2011.

r)       Since 2009 PADI is supporting 108 MVC students in three secondary Schools from Lilondo and Madaba wards valuing Tsh.13 Million. Funded by Social Action Trust Fund (SATF)

s)       In 2009 PADI received support from MIVA Euro 20,000 which enabled to purchase means of transport (Car double Cabin pick up)

t)        In November 2012/2013 PADI provided education support to Disabled School Children at Luhira Primary in Songea Municipal Council with scholastic material, shelter and teaching and learning materials funded by Bank Of Tanzania(BOT)through SATF(Valuing Tsh.10 million)

u)      PADI is implementing a project known as ‘increase capacity of older people on lobbying and advocacy on their rights and entitlement as it stipulated in National Ageing Policy’’ is funded by the Foundation for Civil Society ‘’valuing Tsh.135 million, benefiting older people in Njombe District.(2012-2015).

v)      PADI is implementing a project named ‘’Strengthening Social Protection to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa’’ is implemented at Njombe District financed by Help Age International 2012/2013 valuing Tsh.35 million.

w)    Njombe Town Council in July 2014 disbursed Tsh.3Million to PADI account to support micro-credit scheme to 20 older people at Igominyi Village.

01.12   Projects Performance and awards:

For three years consecutively, PADI received the following awards/recognition for the good performance in supporting marginalized groups by government and other NGOs/stakeholders.

  1. In 2009 PADI received award of- Land Rover 110 defender from Help Age International funded by EU after successfully managed a three years project ‘’Reducing poverty within the most Vulnerable households in Ruvuma region’’ in 2006-2008.
  2. For more than 15 years working with Songea Municipal council, PADI has shown greater commitment in supporting marginalized people, working closely with government and good result of work at field level. Due to these, Songea Municipal council on 10th June 2010 decided to write appreciation letter (with reference No: SO/MC/C.50/7/70) to PADI for a good performance in supporting marginalized people especially older people in Songea Municipality and Tanzania as whole. To date PADI is the only organization out of over 50 organizations in the Municipality received a letter of appreciation from the Government.
  3. On 8th April 2013 Songea Municipal also awarded PADI with certificate with reference No: SO/MC/H.10/18/39 recognizing PADI for good performance in supporting community especially on HIV/AIDS.



  1. PADI has shown greater commitment, transparent and trustfulness in managing donor funds, working closely with government and good result of work at field level (to the beneficiaries) with sustainable manner as a result in November 2011, PADI was awarded by The Foundation for Civil Society ‘’the Civil Society Excellence Award 2011 Second run-up’’ out of over 523 CSOs which participated in the competition in Tanzania.


  1. While in 2012 PADI was awarded by the same organization ‘’the Civil Society Excellence Award 2012 first run-up out of 581 CSOs which participated in the competition.