Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

Maeneo ya ukurasa huu ni kwa Kiingereza. Hariri tafsiri

OVCT is doing its best level in  achieving the goals and in reaching the orphans and vulnerable children around the villages and identify them. After the identification of the these kind of children, OVCT do usual visit them in their homes and villages and cater for them by providing them with school materials, food, hygiene soap, cleaning soap, shoes, clothing and even school uniforms.

OVCT do educate the children with their caregivers about Child's Rights, Health, Nutrition, Life Skills and HIV/AIDS prevention. We do volunteer for this project by traveling around the villages and meet with the children, caregivers and collaborate with government leaders at the concerned areas in doing our activities.

Already OVCT has ever reached  more than 32 villages, identified more than 750 orphans children and more than 1050 vulnerable children and cater for them. The villages ever reached are the villages in Ikungi District, the District which is made up of 28 Wards and 102 villages.

OVCT is also educating the caregivers and the children on how to start small scalled projects such as Home guardens and chicken keeping. These kind of small projects could help to supply their daily life basic needs.

OVCT needs your cooperation so that together we can move forward in tackling poverty against orphans and vulnerable children in Ikungi District and Tanzania as a whole.

You are warmly welcome to play your role for the orphans and vulnerable children's development.

OVCT, we are now developing the program of Training the orphans and vulnerable children and youth about Tailoring and Welding. This program will enable the children and youth to be experts and then they can imploy themselves and generate incomes for their lives. The orphans and vulnerable children and youth, after being trained about Tailoring and Welding, they will be also training other children and youth of their kind about Tailoring and Welding under the OVCT supervision. So, OVCT is hoping to train many of this kind of children and youth in Tanzania Mainland. The program starts in March 2018 onwards.

We are still needing more sewing and welding machines in more implementing this program in Tanzania. Also OVCT is on the move to continue opening branches in other regions. This is a taugh work but we hope to do so according to our serving heart to the children.

Please contact with us through our E- mail address, if you would like to support us in this program. Thank you.

From the year 2019, OVCT is working in Partnership with Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) , while OVCT is working as an Implementing Partner of the Proram known as " MVC Education Program "; while SATF is a Donor of the program. Together we support 80 MVC in 4 Wards which are Isuna, Kituntu, Ihanja and Lighwa.