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Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania [OVCT]

Puma, Tanzania

Oblige for Vulnerable Children Tanzania (OVCT), is a non for profit Organization which works in supporting or helping orphans and vulnerable children now in the whole Tanzania Mainland after its registration in the Minisrty of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in April 2017. This Registration is after the former one in the Minstry of Home Affairs in May 2007 which allowed us to work only in Ikungi District.

Ikungi District formerly was a part of Singida Rural District in Singida region.  Ikungi District area is located south,southwest and southeast  of Singida town. Ikungi District Headquarters is about 36 km from Singida town along the tarmac main road to Dodoma and Dar es Salaam. OVCT Headquarters is also along the main tarmac road about 20 km from Singida town to Dodoma and Dar es Salaam, at a small town called Puma.

                          The Ikungi District population:

Ikungi District is made up of almost  23 Wards and 92 villages. Every Ward is made up of almost maximum 4-5 villages. The total of about 272,959 people are living in this Ikungi District area whom among them are 136,781 female and 136,178 male. Almost 7-8 Wards are located in interior parts of the District with not less than 84,000 inhabitants.

                         People and the activities:

Most of the people who are living in Ikungi District are farmers about 98% of them, 2% are imployed workers such as Hospitals and  dispensary nurses, schools teachers, agriculture officials, etc. The crops which are caltivated in Ikungi District area do differ according to the soil fertility. On the natural fertilized soil, crops like maize, groundnuts, sunflower, millet, are being grown up. And on the poor soil cropslike sorghum, sweet potatoes, millet and some how maize are grown up. The winter season almost starts in the middle of November and ends in the middle of April. The crops which have become the business crops are sweet potatoes, sunflower and even sorghum in this area.

Another business which people do is taming or keeping cows, goats, chicken and sheep. Those who keep these anomals do earn money from selling some of them and continue keepingothers.

                         OVCT Profile:

Oblige for Vulnrable Children Tanzania (OVCT), has worked as its the best by its members to volunteer and ever reached more than 15 villages up to now identifying the orphans and vulnerable children in different villages of the Ikungi District. Through their effort, as a team, 17 OVCT members have identified and minister or support more than 365 orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with school materials, school fees (for those who are in secondary schools), food and clothes. Through travelling and reach its stakeholders, OVCT has being conducting training for orphans and vulnerable children with their caregivers and the whole community in general by teaching them Nutrition, Health, Life Skills, Child's Rights and HIV/AIDS prevention.

By doing so, OVCT has meet with many orphans and vulnerable children who have been bad treated or oppressed by their caregivers, has ever meet with the village's community which doesn't have even an idea to care for the orphans and vulnerable children instead they suffer and discriminate them.

The Organization has brought great changes in the community by alerting the caregivers and the other people around the villages to well care for the OVC (orphans and vulnerable children), by sending them to school, not discriminating them by treating them equal like the other children with parents.

Still many villages need to be reached by identifying these kind of children so that they are snached from different oppression they get from their caregivers. OVCT needs your hand of support so that it can reach those many orphans and vulnerable children who are not yet reached plus these ones whom we have already identified so that they can be transformed from their former condition of life to the new one. Because OVCT has now only touched 7 Wards. The other 16 Wards are wating for us to reach in identifying orphans and vulnerable children and continue to minister those already identified.

Thank you.

OVCT Team.