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Mohispac Foundation

Mohispac Foundation is a registered non-governmental institution since 2010 working with children, access to safe and safe water, agriculture, environmental protection and response to climate challenge while in the process of achieving well-being rural communities in the social and economically. While the institution began operating in the district district before expanding its services in the same district in collaborating with the community of small groups in providing information about the conservation of shengena forests and its sources of water at its Yongoma rivers, Saseni, Hingilili and Nakombo that flows its water without drying all year long since independence until today the people around the mountain enjoy warm weather and freshwater springs.

Mohispac foundation is a grass root humanitarian organization  registered   and approved government charity organization  with Registration No 15NGO/00003934 under section 12(2) of ACT NO 24 of 2002 . Mohispac Foundation organization was started  since the year 2009 as a small initiative with 5 volunteers using home as the place of organizing their activities. We address the root causes of poverty from one-off assistance,  community capacity building, development, advocacy and development  in disaster management situations . Mohisc Foundation concentrate  on  children,youth,girls,women,widow,elders,human rights,democracy,good governance,sports,environments,healths and othe so many services. Mohispac Foundation  planned activities suited for people at all levels such as general public, Academics, Affluent ,Students, Youths ,males and females, Women, Prominent people and Elders  at the level of  each village, or community, provinces  and districts and finally at national level. Mohispac Foundation worked to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the rural poor and weaker sections through participatory approaches.   Awareness raising, community health care, child labour elimination and rehabilitation, environment protection, HIV/AIDS awareness, income generation activities, joint forest planning and management, natural resource management, poverty alleviation, small family concept, sustainable agriculture development, watershed development, women and child development programmes, promotion of local groups and   involvement of the groups in development activities are the major thirst areas of the organisation  activities.We  helps rescue needy children who are abandoned, lonely,distressed, endangered, exploited, homeless, hungry, sick or suffering   in genital cutting,incest,sexual abuse,differential access to food,medical care,child prostitution and isolated to go to school in our societies  around Kibaha and Same Districts.

Majority of our children are living with their grandparents (who are also need to be cared by some one else), extended families or with families in their communities especially their brother/sister who are  doing a risk job to support their young one (feeding them) means child headed house hold which is a sad story.Mohispac Foundation regard this as a challenge to everybody of us  to be enrolled because no one know about next few hour to come means our  children may be a  victim of tomorrow. Many of these grassroots families lives in extreme poverty thus why the greater numbers of children are at risk. The organization help children remain in their extended families while we’re preparing to build a center for them( especially for close services and for easily follow up)by providing income generating projects and material support to care givers to help them to stay in school. We believe that grassroots children are best placed to create sustainable community initiatives and achieve positive long-term social impact. We support them by connecting them to the resources they need to create change: access to our online fundraising platform, access to learning opportunities to build skills and knowledge, access to support through a growing network of volunteers and corporate partners.