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Nyegezi Mwanza, Tanzania

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Currently Mzeituni Foundation is implementing the following Projects;

(1) Basic Primary Health Care, being funded by The Foundation for Civil Society(FCS)

(2) Social Accountability Program in Tanzania(SAPT),being funded by Forum Syd Tanzania.

(3) CHANGE project (Creating Homestead Agriculture for Nutrition and Gender Equity) being funded by Helen Keller International. 4. TULONGE project which was funded by USAID-FHI-Tanzania Communication and Development Center. 2018.  5. Literacy and Numeracy Education Support: the project aimed to provide sensertization to the community of Misungwi and Kwimba districts of Mwanza region by piloting ten schools per each district to demonstrate the challenges facing students of class 1-2 of primary schools who did not know three R. (reading, writing and numbering) the project has many activities but in phase one we have the following activities: Parents dialogue which was aiming to make discussion of why and what we still have the children in schools who did not know how to read, writing and numbering. activity: was to diseminate information to the community in large on how we can solve this issue of three r into our schools via radio talk show. activity three wa the school level and district level competition between students of class 1 and 2 in reading, writing and numbering

5. Uwezo annual Learning Assessment: This project was been implemented with partnership of Twaweza East Africa, it was be implemented in Ukerewe district whereby 60 households was be included, the project aimied to measure or do assessment of reading writing and numbering to the students of class 1-2-3.

6. Malaria Behavioural Change and Communicatio: this project was funded by PSI Tanzania under Global Fund, the project area was Simiyu region in all six districts which are: Maswa, Bariadi DC, Bariadi rural, Meatu, Busega and Itilima. the project focus was to enable community to change their behaviour on Malaria prevention.

Chidren protection program: this is a par and parcel project in education sector which supported by Tanzania Education Network it aiming to improve child protection policies and it's functions by eliminating all forms of violence against children whereby Mzeituni Foundation operates this functions in Nyamagana, Ilemela, Misungwi and Kwimba districts.