Below is a sampling of recent feedback that Envaya has received from people who use Envaya for their civil society organizations:

"With whole intentions, I would like to congratulate Envaya for
accomplishing the plan which has enabled many civil society
organizations to know each other, to leave behind the idea of literal
distance on the earth. For the civil society organizations that have joined
Envaya, Envaya has succeeded in making them closer in the real
world. It has spread everywhere; North, South, East, and West. We say,
Always forward. We are together." (translated from kiswahili)

-Kamtande from "Wanaharakati wa Elimu Mazingira na Afya" (Activists
for Education, Environment, and Health)

"Hello Envaya!  I have enjoyed the presence of this service especially for our organizations which are very inexperienced with technology. For every situation, Envaya is our savior. We have had a strategy of opening a website but the problem was how to put it online.

When I was in Dodoma this November, I met with Erasmo Tulo, manager of the Dira Theatre organization which does work like mine. He gave me
his business card and with wonder I saw he had a website (Envaya)!
That day I opened his website and saw his work for myself. I asked him and he gave me some information about Envaya ... And yesterday I received information from FCS that we can fill out our project progress reports on Envaya! Big progress. Although I haven't yet started to complete my project, I tried to log in and fill it out, and I was surprised how easy and how well it worked. I was very happy and I ask to congratulate you for this.." (translated from kiswahili)

    -Hussein Wamaywa of Dhahabu Arts Group

"We feel very much honoured and appreciated for the effort we provide to assist the unfortunate children who have been orphaned and vulnerable because of various circumstances. This website facility is of great value to CHIPS-CF because it will very much connect us to the World something which we have been dreaming for. Now Envaya has made our dreams a reality. I can assure you that we we shall use Envaya facilities for the benefit of CHIPS-CF and the community around us."

    -James Lushi, Chairperson of CHIPS-CF

"Envaya is quickly becoming an integral part of the development and operations of Tanzanian CSOs. The technology Envaya is bringing to CSOs is making an enormous difference in Tanzanian civil society, and the Foundation for Civil Society enthusiastically supports Envaya."

    - John Ulanga, Executive Director, Foundation for Civil Society

"We are happy with the ease of use of Envaya and that now we will be able to enter all our activities. We thank you very much Ms. Kipozi for bringing the guests from America to Morogoro." (translated from Kiswahili)

    - Helen Mbezi, Society for Women and AIDS in Africa

"AYORPO thanks Envaya very much for linking us with this current world technology. We needed this technology for many years without success. Although we are but infants in this technology, continue to motivate us more so that finally we can get used to it. Thank you very much. We haven't had any problems with Envaya." (translated from Kiswahili)

    - Leocadia P.R. John, African Youth and Orphan Relief and Progressive Organisation