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Dira Group

Dira Group

Manispaa ya Morogoro, Tanzania

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DIRA THEATRE GROUP (DTG) is Community Based Organization (CBOs) that established on year 2005 na registered on year 2006 with reg. No.BST/2560 under Law Act No. 23 of year 1984. According to that kind of registration, Dira Theatre is allowed to do its activities anywhere within Tanzania Mainland also to attend any invitations from outside the Tanzania.

Establishment of Dira Theatre was due to poor community awareness in dealing with various challenges most especially in various sectors like Education, Health, Economics and Culture which made them still having poor life.

In order to ensure Community Development is achieved, Dira Theatre engaged in combating the social problems like deseases, poverty, other social conflicts in the community.

By implementing that, Dira Theatre has been implemeting some projects in differents areas within Tanzania. Among of those Projects are; Good Governance to Local authorities, Sex and Gender Education, Education About Various Diseases, Effects of Drugs Abuse, Effects of Corruption in Comminuty, Land Laws and Policies, Code and Ethics of public Services, Rights and Duties of Community in General Election, Environmental Conservation and Protection, Rise School Children Talents, Arts for Development...etc


To have a Community with ability and eager to deal and tackle various Challenges that facing them so as to have better life.


To speed up, pushing and help the Community in improving Economically, Socially and Education in order to deal with various Challenges.


To provide Education to Community by through conducting some seminars, workshops and Artwork by participation in order to defy diseases, poverty etc.

To rise ability of Community especially artists so to be able to apply their Artwork to improve they are lives and grow our Culture

To create better relation among other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and various stakeholders in and outside the Tanzania.

To help the Community in various ways in combating the problem of Poverty.