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Badilika Foundation

Badilika Foundation

Musoma, Tanzania

Our programs include Social Services, Environment, Health and Education.

  • Orphans support and Vulnerable Children. The organization provides support to the children’s into the areas of education, health care and nutritional support. This include school uniforms, shoes and supplies (exercise books, pen, pencils etc), payment for medical cost into a monthly basis and distribution of maize and beans for the entire foster family into a monthly basis.


Tree planting campaign (Tree nursery raising and   distribution to the communities) for carbon offset and environmental conservation.Sustainable agriculture and food security (Permaculture/Organic farming and application.Animal husbandry (Poultry keeping, Beekeeping etc for women and youths to sustain their livelihood.


  • Providing access to safe drinking water (promotion of low cost water treatment technology through sun rays for the communities to avoid waterborne diseases. The process includes filling of water into a transparent bottle and placed into the sun for 8 hours.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and support


  • Vocational training and job creation programs.
  • Women’s empowerment programs.